Items You Should Never Forget when Purchasing Your Bug Out Location

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April 8, 2016
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You are making an investment in purchasing your property.  It is insurance as well as a home, therefore requires much thought.

The following items could help you find quality that others won’t.  It could also keep you from making a costly mistake.

Quick but Amazing Tips to Help Choose Your Land

Here are many different items that I didn’t go in depth about that are all considerations when you look at the layout of your property.

  1. Rain Catchment and Storage on Every Flat Surface
  2. Swale Water Catchment if the Ground Needs More Moisture
  3. With land can come trees! With trees comes firewood and fertility.
  4. You can bury fallen trees during clean-up to add fertility later.
  5. Outhouses or Port-a-Johns are extremely useful before support systems are set up.

How You Should Access Your Property

The best way to access your property would be a paved county road or back road.  A large, maintained gravel road would be the next best thing.

gravel road

This type of access is free of typical through traffic of highways or busy roads, but is maintained enough that it is easy to get to or from your BOL.

If you don’t have main road access from your property, you still need access to your property through an easement and dirt road.

Even before adding water to your property, you may want to build a good, solid gravel access to your property.  This access will make all other work cheaper.

Be careful of buying “Land Locked” properties.

Be careful of buying “Land Locked” properties.  This is a property that is separated from access on all sides by others’ land.

This will be a massive headache down the road.  There is a valid reason these properties are so cheap.  The owner doesn’t want to deal with it!

Don’t Let Your Vehicle Keep You From Using Your Land

Your first Bug Out Vehicle is going to be whatever you have.  Your vehicle must be able to access your property, preferably in every season.


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