Outbuildings are Gold, When Purchasing Bug Out Location Land

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March 28, 2016
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April 8, 2016

Outbuildings are extremely important.  Although adding services will make a property value go up, outbuildings usually don’t.  Outbuildings can provide you with a ton of value, even though you didn’t have to pay extra for it.

Great Uses of Existing Outbuildings

    • Old barns provide shelter to your animals and supplies.

  • Carports can cover your tractors, firewood, or hay.

  • Utility Sheds can protect your tools and other items.

utility sheds

  • Gardening Sheds are small utility sheds that can keep specialized tools close to the necessary jobs.

gardening sheds

Do you have to have outbuildings on your property? No.

Having Outbuildings on the Property Can Save You Thousands.

You will purchase or build some, because you will find that you want them for specific applications.  Barns or shops can cost you 20-30 thousand dollars on the low end.  Carports or utility sheds could cost you from 1-10 thousand dollars.  And garden sheds are hundreds of dollars each.

By having this stuff on-site already, we can save quite a bit of money.  Pay attention to what most people don’t so you can see the gold where most people don’t.


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