Why REAL Preppers DO Want Utility Service Connections on Their Properties

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Yes, You Can Have an Off-Grid Home Completely Independent from Central Utilities

It is true that you can have a semi-off-grid option to most city/county utilities.   It is extremely important that you can provide yourself with the basic survival needs independently.

This is an obvious truth to mature survivalists.  We typically know a lot on the subject, including the list below.

  • Instead of water services, you can have a well.
  • Instead of sewage services, you can use a septic system, composting systems, etc.
  • Instead of garbage disposal services, you can compost, reuse, reduce, burn, and use a nearby dump.
  • Instead of the Electric Grid, you can use alternative energy sources.
  • Instead of Natural Gas, you can use propane tanks or wood gas generators.
  • Instead of Cable, you have the option of not watching TV, or going with satellite.

Sometimes, The Off-Grid Movement is Short Sided

Just because it is a great and noble mission to go off-grid, anyone purposely disconnecting fully from the grid without a good legal or monetary reason, is being stubborn and hard headed.

Being connected means the ability to move in and redundancy.

Utility Services are Typically Inexpensive to Install

Just because there is an alternative to every single service around, it is still a good idea to have service hookups to electricity and water as an inexpensive and/or temporary option.

Many times it costs much less to have a utility installed than it takes to build an off-grid system.  If you plan to temporarily camp in a tent or RV on this property, these hookups will be an awesome addition.

True Preppers Believe in Redundancy in our Systems

Preppers think that centralized systems are evil when in reality, they are set up to provide needs to lots of people.  If you really believe in redundancy, then why don’t you allow the utility be a backup to your “normally off-grid” setup?

Do Both!

Go Off-Grid.  But DON’T discount utility connections.  Provide yourself with the best of both worlds.

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