Achieve Abundant Water on Your Bug Out Location (BOL) with Only a Couple Items

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March 18, 2016
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March 25, 2016

Water is responsible for life on our planet, and that isn’t going to change.

One of the best and first items to set up for your land is to have water available and some services.  This will provide you with amazing resources while you make your BOL into your dream property.

You Want Abundant Water?

water resources

Yes please!  Water does many jobs on the homestead, farm, or in the garden.  It also does the job of keeping you alive!

Get a Well for an Almost Infinite Supply of Water


Many times, a well on the property will add price, but not much more than the cost of having one dug.  So, pay a little more to remove the headache.

Getting a well is extremely important to get running water on the property, no matter what your shelter is.

You could lose power, so have a manual backup to your well pump.  You will thank me.

If You Want to Be Able to Flush a Toilet, Get a Septic System

It is a massive advantage to have a septic system on the property.  This is another item that you may want to let another person do for you before you purchase a property.

Get Water From Natural Sources for EVEN MORE Abundance!

The best item to have on a property is to have a natural year-round spring.  Not only can you achieve delicious, filtered water from them, but you can power your home from it if it is near your shelter’s site.

Using the land, and deciding where everything should be, you can use ponds and water catchment to a huge advantage.

Uphill ponds are a ready-made, gravity-fed, off-grid water systems.

uphill pond

If you have a slope on your property, having a pond uphill from your home is an awesome item to have, because you can create a gravity-fed off grid water system in a pinch.  After a water hookup, a pond would be my second project to prepare my BOL.

abundant water

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