Protect Yourself from Crooks When Purchasing a Bug-Out Location

bug out location
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March 11, 2016
bug out location
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March 18, 2016

As much as you want a nice Bug Out Location (BOL), a deceiving individual wants to sell one to you.  They want to sell you a property with no value for a huge profit.

property fraud

Fight back against them.

Assess the price of the properties that you are looking at.

Once you have decided where you want your BOL to be (which I explain later), then you need to keep up with the prices of land in that area.  This will give you familiarity with the “going rate” in that area for raw land, improved land, and land with housing on it.

assess property

Use the following resources to get information on land in your preferred area.

  • Local Agencies or Realtors
  • Online MLS Listings
  • Online Land Listings
  • For Sale By Owner Listings

assess property

Local Real Estate Agencies

The realtors are in the market as an occupation.  Beware, though, because they make money doing the job.  Sometimes giving you a good deal will reduce their commission.

I would still choose to contact a good agent in the area, because they can send automated emails based on your specific search criteria.

Online MLS Listings

Sometimes these are third party sites, and sometimes directly published by realty companies.  Many times you can have the online site send emails with updates as well.

If you want to have a large MLS database, you can try a website such as, but if you are looking for a listing that is directed to rural properties, you can try

Online Land Listings

Some third party sites aggregate information about land for sale.  One such site would be  From this “hub site” you can choose the state you are looking for.

For Sale by Owner

There are also websites such as, but the prices on these sites aren’t usually that great.  Sometimes your best option is to call the phone numbers listed on the signs.

Real Time Property Assessment is How You Protect Yourself

Real Time Property Assessment

Keep up with prices and public assessor information as soon as you are interested in land.  This will help you weed out the crooks, and maybe even get yourself a sweet deal.


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