Finding a Bug Out Bag that is Perfect in Size and Comfort

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I may not agree with it, but many people want to stuff as much gear as possible in their bug-out bags.  It it you?  Do you want a bag the size of a small purse that can hold an AR-15, 30 gallons of water, and a buick?

Whether you want a small bag to bet you a mile down the road, or a massive BOB that will last you a week or more, you can easily choose the correct size pack if you follow my tips.

Choosing a Light Weight Bug Out Bag that Will Fit Everything

choosing a backpack

You will probably need a pack that will allow you to carry enough gear to cover most situations in a bug out.  Don’t overdo it though.

When Feet Become Miles, Ounces Become Pounds

If you go hiking much, you know one simple mantra: “When feet become miles, ounces become pounds.”

By following this guide, you can determine what size pack is best for you.

Nights Capacity Bag Weight (Gear Not Included)
1-2 20-50 Liters 1.5 – 4.5 Lbs
2-3 50-60 Liters 2.5 – 5 Lbs
3-5 60-80 Liters 2.5 – 5+ Lbs
5+ 80+ Liters 4 – 6+ Lbs

Based on the chart I have given you, determine what you need in capacity.

  • Bigger isn’t always better.
  • Bug Outs are stressful and are not the time for added weight.
  • My recommendation: Learn skills, reducing gear, reducing size and weight.

For a typical BOB, most people would do well to grab a 50-60 liter pack.

Properly fit your pack for amazing comfort

The proper fit of a bag is critical, so measure your torso, NOT OVERALL HEIGHT.  Everyone is different, and your height to body ratio is not proportional to someone else.  Your torso is the only proper way to measure for your bag.

Measuring for a pack is easy

Measure at the base of your neck to your hipbone.  This will give you the measurement that most manufacturers use on their packs.

Women and Children have shorter torsos and different body shape than men.  For this reason, most manufacturers have women and children sizing where the shape of the straps are designed for the different shapes.  Don’t get the wrong pack, thinking it will be “good enough.”

The following is a basic chart for a typical manufacturer:

Torso Length Size
Up to 15.5 inches XS
16-17.5 Inches S
18-19.5 Inches M / Regular
20+ Inches L / Tall

Get to Your Gear Easily when it Matters by choosing the right pack!

bug out bag


The last thing you want to do when bugging out or going home is to unload every bit of the contents just to get to your gear.  Get to your gear easily when it matters by choosing the right pack and understanding its parts.  Get a pack designed to organize and compartmentalize everything so it is easy to get to your stuff.

bug out bag size and comfort

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