The Five Best Types of Bug Out Bags and Their Advantages

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January 29, 2016
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Every person is unique in their needs and their preferences.  There are several different types of bug out bags that you can use.  Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Choose the correct bag style, and boost your bug out efficiency.

Tactical assault Backpacks

tactical assault backpacks

It is obvious when someone has a tactical backpack on.  Most of them are all black, drab or olive green, or camouflage.

They are extremely durable.

Tactical Backpacks are great because they are designed to get to any and all gear at any time.  Almost every pocket unzips enough to open the bag all the way, enough to lay it flat on a table and work out of.

They do have a few problems.

Many people that purchase them, don’t get one with a frame.  A few miles down the road, they will probably regret that.


Hiking Packs

hiking packs

Hiking Packs usually come with the ability to carry a lot of gear.  Most of them come with well-designed frames to help carry the weight correctly.

These bags are designed for heavy weight and are durable.  If you have 30 pounds of gear, then this pack is for you.

The only issue I have with these bags is the amount of thought that will have to go into packing them.  They aren’t designed to get to everything at any time.

You have a few pockets designed for this purpose, but the main pocket will be thoughtfully packed, and therefore completely unpacked when you get gear out of it.

These are usually some bright color as well.  Instead, find dark, mute or dull colors that don’t draw attention to the eyes.

Book Bags

book bags

This is only on here because many people have these.  They are not durable, nor are they well designed.  Don’t waste Your Money.

On the other hand, if you have a book bag so you don’t have to spend money, it is a good first step.

Duffel Bags

duffel bags

People have decided to use this type of bag because it has much more storage room than a backpack.  The downfall of a duffel is the difficulty of carrying it on long journeys.

This bag is a good option to go in a vehicle to help keep things organized.

Whatever Packs You Have

Why is this even a category?  I must be nuts to include this.  All I am doing is explaining why you would use a book bag or other poor design.

A POORLY Designed BOB is better than NO BOB.

poorly designed BOB

Maybe you don’t have money for a new fancy bag.  Don’t worry about it!  USE WHAT YOU HAVE.  A poorly designed BOB is better than no BOB.

Just remember to upgrade to something of better quality when you have an opportunity.

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