Terrible Disasters that will Require Bugging Out

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103: Easily Determine if You Should Bug Out in a Disaster
January 15, 2016
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January 22, 2016
terrible disasters

Even though, I think that bugging in is best, sometimes, you will need to decide if you will bug out or not.

The purpose of bugging out is to get out of the way of a threat or great danger that will become a real problem if you stay where you are at.

Both natural disasters and social disasters can create the need to get the heck out of town.  If you don’t know ahead of time what you will do with each one, you may wait until it is too late to make the decision to leave.

Natural Disasters Happen, Be Ready for Them

Natural Disasters are proven to occur, many times without warning.  You may be required to bug out in many different natural disasters.


You may need to get out of your home and go to a hotel during a fire.  If the fire is widespread, you may need to escape town.

Tornado or Hurricane

These will require the ability to bug out of the immediate area, possibly a couple hours away.  Tornados may require bunkering in place, then bugging out.


You may need to move away from the plume or any possible damage.


If you can get out of dodge when this occurs, you may need to go 6 or more hours away.


Just like with a fire, you could be seeking alternative shelters locally or regionally based on the size of flooding.

Social Creatures create Social Disasters, React Quickly

Because we are constantly designing and testing new things, people create their own disasters.  Because we are social creatures, we get caught up in “mob mentality.”

Mob Mentality: The propensity of someone that doesn’t know what to do to emulate those around them.

Mob Mentality, our creativity, our social structures, and our own greed are the causes of a large number of disasters.

Nuclear Disasters

nuclear disasters

Fukushima Nuclear Disasters

You will have to escape the circle of influence of any radiation that leaks.  If the winds require it, you may need to escape further.

Economic Collapse

economic collapse

If this happens, all heck will possibly break loose.  Based on your situation, you may need to leave to keep your family out of harms way.

Civil Unrest

civil unrest

This usually happens due to political or economic stimulants, but could occur due to a pandemic.  If things start getting hairy, you may need to leave.  If that happens, you will quickly wish you had made the decision sooner.

If you don’t choose quickly, you may suffer extremely!

It is extremely important to decide early when to leave and when to stay.  You must be resolute in your decision as well.

If you don’t know what to do before hand, you won’t decide quickly enough.  If you don’t decide quickly, you will probably pay the consequences.

  • The problem could catch up to you.
  • You could get stuck in traffic.
  • You could fail to get the necessary gear.

Should I stay or should I go?

should I stay or should I go

Bugging in is the best option, but bugging out has it’s place.  You need to think ahead of time about what you will do so you can quickly make the decisions to stay or leave.  Once you have made the decision, hurry, and take action.

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