You Can Survive the Cold with Four Simple Letters: C.O.L.D.

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Follow These Amazing Principles to Beat the COLD

The Cold can Chill or Kill, Fight It

It is more difficult to find enough to eat or drink in cold environments.  It is also harder to build a proper shelter.

Even with the basics at hand, you will need amazing will-power and good clothing.  Will-power has saved people before.  KEEP THE WILL TO LIVE.

One Simple Word will Keep You From Freezing: COLD

wear losing clothes


You can keep yourself alive and well, or at least have a better fighting chance, if you follow the steps outlined in the C.O.L.D. acronym.

C – Keep clothing CLEAN


L – Wear LOOSE clothing in LAYERS

D –  Keep clothing DRY

C – Clean Clothes

Dirt and grease will mat up your clothing and remove most of the insulation value.  It removes valuable air pockets that provide insulation.

O – Overheating

Don’t get too hot! You will sweat and your clothes will get wet.  Worse than dirt, the moisture will remove insulation value.

On top of this, your sweat will evaporate, and will make you extremely cold.

You want to adjust clothes so you don’t sweat.  By layering, you can remove them as needed so you don’t.  You can also unzip your jacket or remove thick gloves.

If you need to reduce your overheating, just reduce covering on your head and hands.

L – Loose, Layered Clothing

Loose clothing and footwear allows blood circulation and fights off injury.  Tight clothing also has less trapped air, therefor, has poor insulation.  Dead-air space between layers add insulation value, so thin layers equaling that of one thick layer actually has more insulation value.

I already mentioned this, but layering will also allow you to take off or add clothing to reduce sweating or warm you up more.

D – Dry Clothing

You sweat, so your clothing gets wet.  Your body heat melts snow and ice on your clothing, so it gets wet again.  Do everything you can not to get wet, but if you do, what are some things to fix it?

  1. Water repellant outer shells can keep water off of you.
  2. Brush all snow and frost off of you before entering shelters.
  3. Hang damp gloves or socks from your backpack so the sun and wind can dry them.
  4. Or place them unfolded near your body, so your body temp can dry them.
  5. Got shelter? Hang clothing inside near the top of the shelter using cordage.
  6. Got Fire? Use the heat from it to dry them, but don’t burn your clothing.
  7. Leather must dry slowly so it doesn’t crack.

dry clothing

You can have all the awesome gear you want, but if you don’t follow these principles, you may be napping in the dirt.  Just follow these rules, and fight the cold!

infographic explaining how to Survive Freezing Temperatures with acronym C.O.L.D

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