Home Security: Protect Seniors and Disabled from Burglars

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Awesome Home Security Tips for Seniors and The Disabled

Don’t Be Caught Unprepared, when Targeted by Looters

As a senior citizen, many times you will be considered an “easy target” by looters and burglars.  Also, in an emergency, many times law enforcement and first responders may not be able to get to you.

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Don’t let them have an upper hand.  Most of them are lazy, and hate to be inconvenience.

Follow these simple techniques to keep your home from being a target for burglars.

Focus first on the outside of your home, to deter people from entering it.

Most attacks occur between your front door or garage and your car.  People also use objects to hide behind such as bushes or trash cans.  Take care of the easiest items that will make you an annoying target.


  • Quality Lighting: Get solar powered spotlights and walkway lights. These will work even when the grid doesn’t.  Other objects to have are a tactical strobe flashlight or a large 1 million candela spotlight to scare them away when shined on them.
  • Strike Plate (Door Jam): place in 3 inch long screws. You could also go to StrikePlateLocks.com and get an awesome alternative Jam.
  • Solid Exterior Doors: Either solid wooden doors, or solid Steel Security Doors. Contractors typically use hollow doors for cost savings.
  • Motion Sensing Sprinklers: These are a deterrent. They were designed for varmints but work well for people.  People hate getting wet unintentionally.
  • Faux Cameras: These look exactly like the real thing. They do no good, but to act as a deterrent.
  • Door Wedge Alarm: Although I don’t see this as a replacement to an alarm system, these nifty things were designed for security in hotel rooms. For less than $10, you can place one in front of every exterior door.
  • Window Film: You can get 3M window film to cover your windows, or you can have them professionally tinted. It is really up to you and how cheaply you want this done.  This will keep others from easily breaking your windows.

You can do whatever you want to the outside of your home.  People COULD still gain entry.

Follow these no-nonsense tips to protect yourself from unwanted guests.

If someone does eventually gain entry to your home, even if you made it as uninviting as possible outside, there are some simple things that you can do to protect you or your family.

  • Know Your Escape Route: First cheap thing to tackle as a strapped-for-cash Senior Citizen is to understand the egress routes in your home from every room and run through drills to practice.
  • Tactical Flashlight: I am bringing this back because anything you can do to lower their visibility is good. Just be careful.  People shoot at the light, so hold it far to the side.
  • Firearms: Get defense weaponry. If you are going to exercise your right to bear arms, then you need to exercise responsibility.  GET GOOD TRAINING.
  • Pepper Sprays or Bear Sprays: Sometimes you live in ridiculous states that will do whatever they can to take away your 2nd Amendment Right, so this is a good backup… By every entry point.

pepper spray

  • Safe Room: Not a concrete or steel bunker. Using a designated room or closet, you can get some security for much less.
    • Fortify your safe room like you do the front door with a solid core door or security door.
    • Add and Reinforce the Lock and Deadbolt just as you would the exterior doors.
    • Build or make an egress route from that room to get away. Use something like attic stairs or apartment roll down ladders to get away either through the attic, or to drop down from a second story window.

Keep people out of your home, then if they get in, be ready for them!  Fight or Flight… The choice is entirely yours if you are ready!

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