Bugging Out, Bug Out Bags, Emergency Action Plans, and Amazing Techniques for Seniors

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September 11, 2015
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Amazing Preparedness Techniques for the Disabled and Senior Citizens


prepping for seniors

You will have to consistently use that mental muscle to determine ways to evaluate your preparedness and bug out techniques.

You then will have to adapt your preparedness to your fit your physical capabilities.

prepping for disabled

When Bugging Out is Required, Follow This Sound Advice

You may be required to bug out if a local or regional disaster, such as a fire, tornado, volcano, earthquake, or Nuclear Accident is threatening your safety.

Many disabled people, and some Seniors, have problems when bugging out.  Many of them cant carry a lot of weight.

So as you age, and your physical abilities change, you should reevaluate your bug out plan.

Every Year, Reevaluate You Emergency Action Plan to Ensure Success.

You should consider:

  1. Modifying your Bug Out Bags
  2. Modifying your Escape in different Scenarios

Here are some Awesome Tips for Bug Out Bags.

Pay attention because you are about to get some neat ideas for “alternative” Bug-Out Bags (BOB).

You need to adjust the gear in your bags, and the bags themselves for a reduction in weight, and to make carrying things easier.  You can use the following items, with their wide wheel bases, as an alternative to the typical assault pack:

  1. A Golf Bag with a Wheel Caddy: Possibly my favorite choice for its super wide wheelbase for stability on uneven terrain.
  2. Hockey Wheel Bag: Heavy duty and can take abuse. This has a wide wheel base as well.
  3. Northface rolling duffle bag: Heavy Duty Construction with a decent wheel base

Don’t forget to use your brain to reduce the weight you have to carry.  You don’t need a 75-pound 72 Hour Bag!  Make carrying easier on yourself.

One thing you should definitely have in your BOB is paracord and paracord pullies for going up steep terrain.  You can make your pack as light as a feather.

With just one pulley on the bag, and two on a tree, you can cut the weight in HALF!

Using the same, but on yourself, you can make climbing a hill much easier.


I have even more Tips to Consider while Evaluating Your Preparedness Plan.

I recommend, as your abilities are reduced, that you do the following.:

  • Allow more time to get out of your area. Your mobility may not be what it used to.  BE READY TO GO.
  • Have people you can turn to in a disaster, but don’t rely on it. You have knowledge and skills they need.  You can trade experience and knowledge for a little hard work from these groups.:
    • Your Family
    • Like Minded Friends and Neighbors

Take Care of Your Furry Friends and Their Evacuation Needs

Many senior aged adults keep pets.  These pets are part of the family.  If you are one of the people that love your animals dearly, you would want to take them with you.

Follow these simple tips when bugging out with your pets.

bugging out with pets

  • Keep animal crates, or kennels, at your predetermined exit points.
  • Keep these kennels pre-baited, or keep the bait in a bag in close proximity to the crates or bug out gear.
  • Keep your bug-out supplies in the same location as the crates, so everything is done quickly.

You should now be well on your way to analyzing your preparedness for your strengths and weaknesses!

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