Labor Day
090: What Is The History of Labor Day?
September 4, 2015
091: Life With Lessons Learned from 9/11, Turning a Tragedy into a Positive Thing
September 11, 2015
9 11 volunteers

This week marks the 14th anniversary of a day that will always live in the memories of the American People.

On September 11th, 2001, while I remember being told that our security level has been raised.

I remember people being asked to volunteer to help.


A New York City firefighter carries a waterhose on Vessey and Greenwich Streets in lower Manhattan after the World Trade Center buildings collapse September 11, 2001. (Credit: © STR New / Reuters)


I did volunteer, as did about 90% of people, but was NOT one of the many that were chosen to help the victims of the catastrophe.

The true Americans are not those that salute a flag, or stand during the National Anthem.

The true Americans are the men and women that held true to the VALUES that this country was founded on…
those who put life and limb on the line to help out a fellow human being.

Yes, it was a terrible heinis act by people that embody evil, but we saw people come together and show how good we can be.

Brave people died that day helping victims. To them and their families, I say, “Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.”

It wasn’t clear skies for those that lived, nor for the nearby residents.

Over 55 of the responders have died of cancer since 9-11. Most of these developed cancer AFTER the fall of the towers. This number doesn’t take into account the number of people that have had other diseases.

Victims, Responders, and nearby residents all had exposure to pulverized concrete (which causes silicosis), glass, cellulose, asbestos, lead and mercury! In trace amounts they were also exposed to crystalline silica, cadmium, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are all known to trigger kidney, heart, liver, and nervous system breakdown.


9 11 firefighters

At risk: Firefighters exposed to 9/11 dust are 20 per cent more likely to suffer from cancer, a study found

Again, THANK YOU FOR RUSHING IN TO HELP! I know it sucks, but you proved what Americans SHOULD BE!

Those of you that haven’t had a disease diagnosis are still officially known to have an average impairment of 10% to your lung function.


It wasn’t easy. The responders and volunteers were heroic people. Back then, I was proud to be a part of this country, and when I think back to these people, I am still proud.

 September 11th 2001 (9-11)

Let us show how we are proud of them!

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