Dominant Eye, Proper Stance, and Sight Picture

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Before I get started, You need to ALWAYS adhere to safe gun practices.

Also, If you haven’t read my post on proper handgun grip, you can find it here.


proper hand grip

How To Determine Your Dominant Shooting Eye

You will depend on your dominant eye to point the gun in the correct manner at the target, especially those more than a few feet away.

If you want to determine your dominant eye, then just follow these steps:

  1. Without thinking, find an object at a distance, and with both eyes open, point to it.
  2. Keeping your index finger ON the object, close one eye. If your finger is not pointing at the object, then this is your non-dominant eye.  Close that eye and open the other.  If you finger is now pointing at the object, congratulations, you found your dominant eye.

How To Stand Properly or Assume a Proper Shooting Position

Set your foot position.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Bend your knees slightly.  Don’t flex, just bend at the knees to lower your gravity and give you a firm base.

Lean In.

Square your shoulders with the direction you are looking to aim.  Lean slightly forward.  This is going to help you control the travel of the firearm when shooting.  Once again, control is accuracy.

Draw the gun to the “ready position.”

Now, pull the gun from its holster with your dominant hand while keeping your non-dominant hand near your “dominant side” nipple.  This keeps your hand out of the way.  One of the largest accidents is people shooting their hands because they fail to keep them out of the way.
If you are carrying concealed (I would rather you practice open for a little, until it is comfortable for you), your non-dominant hand will grab the bottom, dominant side of your shirt and lift it until it is near your dominant nipple.  Notice that the movement will end up with your hand in the same place.
Grip the gun with the dominant hand the way I told you, keeping your hand off of the trigger and along the frame of the gun.  Bring it up close to your nipple where you will meet it with your non-dominant hand.
At this point you should hold the gun close to your body in front of your abdomen and pointed at the target.  Keeping it close this way keeps the firearm from being taken or hit when in close quarters with someone.  This is called “At-the-Ready”.

Extend your Arms

From the “ready” position, extend your arms out in front of you, preparing to aim at the target.  Arms should be slightly bent at the elbows, shoulders still square to the target, and leaning slightly forward still.

Get a proper “Sight Picture” in your aim.

On most modern semi-auto firearms, you will have a small rectangular front sight and a rear wider notched sight.

When looking down the top of the gun, the front sight should be in the middle of the rear sight, with the tops aligned, and the spacing on both sides of the front sight the same.  Place the front sight on the target.  If your target is far away, your site may cover the whole thing.

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