How To Properly set a Combat Grip on Your Handgun for Control

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Before I get started, You need to ALWAYS adhere to safe gun practices. (link to firearm safety post)

How To Properly set a Combat Grip on Your Handgun for Control

Set a Grip With Your Dominant Hand

I will be teaching you the “two hand” method of gripping your handgun because it is more stable and more accurate.

two hand grip

Two Hand Grip

Hold the gun with your dominant hand and place it high on the grip of the gun.  Many handguns are curved at the top where the webbing between your thumb and index finger should engage.

Your middle finger, ring finger, and pinky need to wrap around the grip just below the trigger guard.  Hold the firearm firmly, but not to the point of white knuckles.

Keep your index finger extended straight out against the frame of the gun.  If you aren’t prepared to fire, KEEP OFF OF THE TRIGGER. Your thumb should be wrapped around the other side of the frame, also pointing forward.  Stay off of the slide with both of these fingers, because you will regret it otherwise.

Place Non-Dominant Hand on Exposed Portion Of Grip

The non-dominant side of the gun will be exposed so you can see it.  Place the heel of your non-dominant hand here.

non -dominant grip

Wrap your four fingers (not the thumb) around the grip, just under the trigger guard, so your index is over your dominant middle finger.  Every finger should be on the other fingers on the grip and your non-dominant pinky will extend below your other hand.  Grip tightly.

The thumb of your non-dominant hand should be under and forward of your dominant hand’s thumb.  It should also be against the frame pointing forward.

The purpose of this grip is to place as much surface of your hand on the firearm so you can control it better… so you can shoot it better.  It may feel unnatural at first, but practice this way and it will grow on you.

Dominant hand grip

Draw the gun from your holster with your dominant hand and grip the gun according to the aforementioned method, keeping your trigger finger off the trigger and along the frame of the gun. Keep it in what’s called the ready position, holding the gun close to your body in front of your abdomen and pointed toward your target.

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