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July 10, 2015
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Safety Tips When Practicing Your Shooting Techniques

I hope that you are never in the situation that you would ever need to use a handgun, but if you do, I would like for you to have a technique to practice on the proper way to hold your handgun.

This is not about your stance being weaver or isosceles, although I am a modified isosceles guy myself.  This is about my recommended GRIP of the firearm.  I am right handed, so if you do it all left handed, just reverse what I recommend.
This is not as important as your situational awareness and judgement, but it helps you control your firearm better.  This advice assumes the ambidextrous Glock semi-auto or equivalent (not a revolver or rimfire).

Preparing for your Practice

Always assume the gun is loaded.

Point it in a safe direction.  The range is best, so you always have a good location to point your weapon.
shooting techniques

Remove the Magazine and Set it down

Rack the slide while pointing in a safe direction, a few times to ensure there is no round in the chamber.  Lock the slide back and point gun at a light source so you can see light shine into the chamber to ensure it is empty.
Safety Tips When Practicing Your Shooting Techniques

Emergency reload is the reload in which you have spent all the rounds from your magazine and your slide is locked back.

Remove Rounds from Magazine

Place empty magazine back into firearm and send the slide forward.  You can now dry-fire your handgun

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