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Concealed Carry Permits and NRA involvement

I recently had to deal with the torture that we get put through with getting concealed carry licenses.  I will tell you why you should have a concealed carry license, why you shouldn’t have a concealed carry license, and what I went through to get mine.

Why Should I get a Concealed Carry License?

It is also known as a “carry license” in some states because it is required to carry, open or concealed.  This is how it is in Tennessee.

A while back I did a blog post titled “The Best Open Carry Vs Concealed Defensive Carry Gun Debate” where I discuss that you should carry concealed because it gives you the element of surprise and reduces the chances that you will ever have to use your “tool”.  As long as it is concealed, there is a chance that any situation you are in will not escalate to one where your health is at risk.

Also, the class required to get this license is the only training that many people will ever get for gun safety.  Even though it is lacking, the class isn’t all bad.  I think that responsible people should pay $60 to take it as an “Introduction to Firearm Safety.”

Why You Shouldn’t have to get a Concealed Carry License

I feel that carrying a firearm is a RIGHT, and so does the 2nd Amendment!  But the law has overturned the Bill of Rights for their own gain.  Concealed Carry is only allowed in many states by purchasing a License that can cost $130 per license (that is what the new price is in Tennessee).

Did you know that your so-called “license to carry” is just as corrupt as anything else?

Don’t you think it is funny that you have to pay to exercise your right?  On my blog and Prepper Podcast, I use my day making connections that people don’t typically make.  Let’s think about a few things here…

I have to take a “safety class” that can be from any “state-sanctioned” training facility.  How doe you become “state-sanctioned?”  Just get a certificate from… the NRA.

Don’t pretend that you think a company that exists solely to lobby for your “rights to bear arms” isn’t just a huge political, new-aged Union Organization for people that pay dues.  So they know all about political gain.

I highly doubt that the NRA will fight for 100% constitutional carry (including concealed) because they would lose the trainer certification income they get.  I think the NRA will fight for your rights up to the point that it will be a detriment to their bottom line.  But they are a business working within the confines set for them by the governmental system, so who can blame them.

Then Why Should I Even Join the NRA?

I pay a small due every year, and I get a magazine every month, firearm insurance, gun-range insurance, free access to large NRA Expos, and even more.  So of course, I am going to pay dues that get me so much awesome stuff, and I think that generally the NRA does some good in Washington for people that love guns.

What Will I Have To Do To Get a Concealed Carry License?

The 8-Hour Firearm Safety Class

Remember, I am in Tennessee and had to do it their way.  First, I had to take a safety course that was 8 hours long on the weekend.  Ours was pretty awesome because we had volunteers as trainers.  One volunteer was a Sheriff’s Deputy, another a retired police officer, and the third was A PREPPER THAT OWNED A TACTICAL SHOP!!!!

Lot’s of real knowledge in the class.  Obviously I had to argue a couple points in the class, but I kept my mouth shut almost the entire time, so as not to undermine their training rapport for the people that OBVIOUSLY needed it.

We then had to take a written exam which was extremely easy for everyone involved.

Next we had to shoot 50 rounds.  We had shoot 20 rounds at 3 yards (9 feet), 20 rounds at 5 yards (15 feet), and 10 rounds at 7 yards (21 feet).  Some of the people that were shooting scared me.  They should take it upon themselves to train much, MUCH more.  I wouldn’t argue that some of them may have clipped the wrong targets!

All of the people passed, but I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT GOT 100% ON BOTH THE WRITTEN TEST AND THE TARGET TEST! (Not to toot my own horn, but “Toot, Toot, people!”)

Ken Jensen's TN permit class results

Ken Jensen’s TN permit class results

Getting Your License Work Completed at the DMV

TN.Gov “How to Get Your License

We needed our safety certificate from class (we went the very next week), our license, and another approved identification.  I used a passport and my wife used her birth certificate.

We took warning not to go to our DMV, so we went 45 minutes away to a small town DMV and it was quick and awesome!  They had some issues because the class certificate had not been added electronically yet, but it was quickly overcome by using the serial number on the certificate and adding a 0 or two 0s on the front of the number to enter it manually in the system.

Getting Fingerprinted (aka Placed Into “the System”)

This is the most ridiculous part of the process.  We were given written instructions at the DMV register to get fingerprinted.  On the sheet there was a number and website for the Homeland Security portal.

We were at the DMV and called the number at about 4:15 pm (the automated thing said they close at 5 pm) and could not get an answer.  So, we had to fill out an extensive form online, on our phones, while at the DMV, so we could go straight to get fingerprinted at the Local UPS.  You can’t just show up, you MUST go through the Homeland Security Portal to set up a time to get fingerprinted, and the UPS could do nothing about it.  We almost got through the portal too late, they only had a couple times left that day.

We then went to the UPS in that small town.  Everything worked out and we got through fairly quickly.

My beef wasn’t with UPS, it was the ridiculous web portal, people that don’t answer phones, and the fact that we went to THREE LOCATIONS to get our permits.

You Have To Wait for It

They will send your information to TBI, FBI, and the County Sheriff so they can run all of their background checks on you and add your digital HD fingerprints into their system.  Once this is all over and they determine that you are not a threat, you will get a license snail-mailed to you… instead of getting the DMV to do it (and use the equipment they use for drivers licenses).

Now you get to wait 60 days… have fun.

Bitter Sweet Process

This was a bitter sweet process.  It was sweet because we got our permits, and I met some cool people.  It was bitter because anything dealing with State and National Government has to be a completely unnecessarily long process that will frustrate you.  And if they don’t give you a permit, you don’t get any type of refund.


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