Why Start Your Own Seeds, and DIY Seed Containers

March 9, 2015
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March 20, 2015

Why start your own seeds, and diy seed containers

Starting your plants from seed is an important skill, and the best part is that it is extremely simple.  Let me give you a few reasons why you would want to start from seed even though nurseries will be booming with vegetation and plant life.
  1. Starting from seed is cheap: It is less expensive than almost any other method of growing.
  2. You have more varieties to choose from: seed banks have a much larger variety, because they don’t have the storage issues like a nursery has. You can also mail-order seeds from across the country, which is a little more difficult to do with seedlings.
  3. Growing plants from seed is rewarding: It is nice knowing that you took care of something that is growing into a plant. You are nurturing life.  Your children will also find the “calming” and “centering” effects of growing plants.

Choosing Containers for starting seeds

Almost any container can work as long as it can hold 2-3 inches of dirt and has some drainage hols.  You can grow in a flat (one wide container) or in individual little pots.
You can purchase containers, but you can also make your own.  One thing you can do to make a container is to reuse egg shells.  Just spit the shell and save the halves.  These are biodegradable.
The next DIY container option could be keeping those cardboard egg cartons.  These are biodegradable as well.  You use them as a tray and cut them up in the end into individual containers to place in the ground when finished.
cardboard egg cartons
The Third DIY container option that I like is to cut toilet paper cardboard rolls in half.  Use each of these as, yet another biodegradable individual container for starting seeds.
Cut toilet paper cardboard rolls - Seed Containers
Seed Containers - Fold toilet paper cardboard rolls

Seed Containers - Folded toilet paper cardboard_rolls

toilet paper cardboard rolls For DIY Seed Containers

Soon I will go further into starting seeds, such as when to plant.

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