Versatile Tactical Belt – Rodut (TM) Survival Military Belt CQB Rigger’s Belt

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Rodut (TM) Survival Tactical Belt Military Belt CQB Rigger's Belt

Rodut (TM) Survival Tactical Belt Military Belt CQB Rigger’s Belt

 Rodut (TM) Survival Tactical Belt Military Belt CQB Rigger's Belt Amazon:

  • Highly durable and versatile tactical CQB rigger belt.
  • Suitable for law enforcement and military use.
  • Durable metal buckle and hook Adjustable size
  • Sturdily constructed and built to last .
  • Offers an incredible 7,000 lb. tensile strength .
  • Features parachute grade buckles and adapters.



  • Black
  • OD Green
  • Desert Sand Brown


I read good and bad reviews of this belt and decided that it was worth trying.  When I received the belt, it didn’t seem really thick.  It was, however, exactly what was on the photos.

I purchased the black belt, just wanting a good tactical belt for a holster.  The 1 1/2″ Nylon webbing did the job.  You do have to have it snug on your waste if you own a crappy holster that is top heavy and bulky, but with a proper holster, this belt works perfectly.

I put it on and it seemed to retain position extremely well.  For pants that have adjustable bands, this is a great belt to make a comfortable, yet firm fit.

The CQB rigger is just a metal triangular piece that you can tie to or hook a carabineer to for all kinds of tasks.  It also has a Velcro latch to make sure the rigger device stays out of your way for every day movement.

If I had one complaint, it would be the width of the buckle.  When I sit down, if it isn’t adjust correctly, the buckle can pinch a little.  But this is still better than most belts with buckles.

This belt can also be used for a makeshift tourniquet if needed.  The next is that I think the hook and latch (Velcro) will give up after quite some time.

I think this is a great belt for the cost.  And not a bad little Christmas gift for dad from the kids, due to it’s price point.

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