Habit River Shirt – Stay Cool with This High Quality Outdoor Shirt

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Habit River ShirtDescription

The Habit River Shirt features a lightweight fabric with UPF 30+ UV Protection, vented back and fly rod holder.


  • Lightweight textured fabric
  • Vented back with mesh lining
  • UPF 30+ UV protection
  • Fly rod holder
  • Sizes available: M, L, XL, 2X

We recently purchased this shirt at our local SamsClub because it felt like a very cool, thin shirt for outdoor activities.  It had a mesh liner inside the shirt to provide some breathability.

When I received the Habit River Shirts, I thought the orange color shirt was very nice looking.  It was more of a dark orange, almost a burnt orange color.  The brown  was ok also, but it didn’t look at slick or have the “flavor” that the orange had.

I felt the material for the shirts and it felt a lot like the typical breathable material of a high quality outdoor shirt.  So, I put it on…

After putting it on, the Habit River Shirt was extremely lightweight.  It felt like a shirt that would do well hiking.  I saw the loop on the right pocket which is for sunglasses, and figured this would be a nice addition to the shirt.

It says that it has a rod holder, but typically I would think this to be close to the hips, and I didn’t see anything in the lower section of the shirt.

I rolled up the sleeves since the photo showed it, and it would work well if you have small arms, but I have an issue with some shirts, including this one… I have larger than average arms from my historic gym time.  I was still able to roll them up and button them up as well.

They were pretty comfortable and I think of the shirt as a pretty nice comfortable shirt for a daily wear.

I decided to go hiking in this shirt along with some 5-11 Tactical Pants.  I did this with a 30 lb toddler strapped to my back, so there was a little heat being generated.

It was a sunny day and around 80-85 degrees F, I had this shirt untucked, a toddler on my back, hiking boots, and 5-11s.  It seemed light enough, but by the time I was done with the hike, I was sweating a great deal.

I think this shirt should stay in the camping and fishing community… but it looks nice.

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