Military Combat Maneuvers and Tactical Strategy: Night Ops or Combat

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Military Combat Maneuvers and Tactical Strategy: Night Ops or Combat: US Coalition Forces  night patrol Let’s discuss the benefits of night operations as a combat maneuver employed by military and how we can use the same tactical strategy for our own neighborhood.

Night Operations are generally used as an offensive or evasive maneuver.

It occurs in dark, as the name suggests to take advantage of reduced visibility and the natural biological changes that occur at night.

Military Combat Maneuvers and Tactical StrategyWith reduced visibility, it is difficult to observe friendly movements, analyze terrain, or see enemy movements and position.  It is more difficult to coordinate movement and execute basic tactics, such as firing, direction, recon, and security.

When someone cannot see, they hear more, and hear things that confuse them.  They also get confused when there are flashes of lights around them.

When under fire, it is difficult to tell where it comes from, so it is hard to counter.  This confusion reduces the moral and causes overestimation of enemy might.

In The Night Attack of Targovste, Vlad the Inpaler disguised himself as a Turk and walked through the Ottoman camp to slaughter Mehmed II.  They won, took 5000 casualties and 15000 of the Ottomans.

The Japanese in WWII created the “Red Books” to train to counter the superior number of tanks, planes, and artillery of the Soviet.  They books emphasized the night attack.

Night Tactics requires lots of training, recon, and planning in preparation of the operation.  This is the biggest deciding factor in the success of the tactics.

The benefits and risk are both higher at night, so preparation is key.  And sometimes, one of the best ways to take advantage of the night is to gain an advantage in position or territory.

Since Night operations are generally offensive and coordinated by the attacker to take advantage, a defending force can become easily handicapped, which is what most of us would be.

Military Combat Maneuvers and Tactical Strategy: Neighborhood WatchHow, on your property or in your neighborhood, could you take advantage of night, since you will be in more of a defensive position… if like me you don’t PLAN on attacking anyone?

1.Understand the lay of your home, property, and surrounding land.

If someone is planning to rob you or attack you for their own gain, and they do so at night, you want to be able to travel these areas blind.

2. Have your defensive tools strategically placed, and be able to find them in the dark.

Highly visible landmarks may help you find a buried rifle, and have official places for your defensive handguns throughout your house.

3. Have an exit strategy… and practice it.

There are two major differences between a fire or tornado and a break in or marauder attack: There are more viariables in dealing with the attack and no one practices for it.  You need to think about the directions people come from, what to do when they are in different positions.  Then practice all of this… in the dark.  Another way to look at your exit strategy is one of re-positioning yourself from a defensive position to an offensive one.

4. Show your defense, but hide your counter attack.

This one is for a SHTF scenario.  Let people see your defensive personnel, but have counter measures and personnel hidden, taking full advantage of the dark.  Think of the advantage a sharp shooter would have when he is 100 yards from your “gates” when the attacker has his back to him, because he is too busy looking in the direction of your defenses.

5. Use technology, train with it, but don’t rely on it.

Night vision and other technology gives you awesome advantages, assuming you use it correctly.  There is one problem with using and training with technology.  Most people don’t train WITHOUT IT.

6. When on the move, use night for tactical positioning.

Don’t forget what I just said about taking advantage of night to get into an advantageous position or territory.

Any readers out there have additional suggestions?  Leave a comment.

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