The Best Open Carry Vs Concealed Defensive Carry Gun Debate

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The Best Open Carry Vs Concealed Defensive Carry Gun Debate: concealed-carry-vs-open-carry-two-men[1]

The Best Open Carry Vs Concealed Defensive Carry Gun DebateFirst, let me say that I did not forget memorial day last week, but I did neglect to post anything about it.  I spent time thanking people for serving and remembering those who I know that are now gone, but served.

The biggest debate in the gun world is constitution vs. permit.  The second biggest debate is open carry vs. concealed carry.  This is the one I am tackling today.  I give you the best open carry vs concealed carry debate.  A debate full of experience with open carry and concealed defensive carry guns.  You may be surprised at my answer.

I recently went to a tactical, force on force, scenario-based firearm training where non-lethal marking rounds were used.  I was placed in many different situations and locations.  As training for myself, I decided for the first half of day one that I would carry open, and after that was concealed.  I actually had a couple reasons for doing this, but those are beyond the scope for today.

What are the largest arguments in favor of open carry?

  1. Firearm Awareness
  2. It is my constitutional right
  3. Deterrent
  4. Comfort
  5. Quicker to Draw

What are the largest arguments for concealed carry (CCW)?

  1. Surprise Attack
  2. Other people are uncomfortable seeing open carry pistols
  3. Harder for someone to take

The Best Open Carry Vs Concealed Defensive Carry Gun Debate: concealed-carry-vs-open-carry-two-men[1]Now, like I already said earlier, I recently went to a tactical training based on handguns with many different scenarios.  I was placed in everyday scenarios that would not be considered out of the ordinary for many people, although some are a little extreme for the average Joe.

What happened to me when I open carried?  I drew faster, and got shot a lot more.  Things escalated much quicker because the gun was seen.  If they saw my sidearm, I would have very little chance of getting out of the scenario.

What happened to me once I decided to conceal carry? I lost about .25 seconds on my draw, which was easily made up by the element of surprise.  If you move quickly to the side as you are going for it, you also raise the time you have, since the criminal had to adjust to your actions.

But wait, there’s more.  I had a MUCH better chance of getting out of a confrontation when I felt uneasy.  I got shot at A LOT less.  When something doesn’t feel right, it is a good idea to get out of dodge, and that is easier to do when someone doesn’t see what you have on your hip.  Open carry, I got shot about 1500% more than when I close carried.  Screw bringing firearm awareness if I die for it.  And a box in the ground is very comfortable for those of you that do it for comfort.

I cannot answer what you should do for your carry, but I know that I will conceal.  I do, however, have a problem with those that conceal carry.  One really BIG problem.  If you are not trained properly with scenario based training, you WILL NOT react the way you must when under stress and adrenalin intoxication.  So, if you are going to carry that way, you need better training than what you get just to get your license.

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