Family Emergency, Plan, Child CPR, Dr. Mom & Dr. Dad to the Rescue

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Family Emergency, Plan, Child CPR, Dr. Mom & Dr. Dad to the Rescue

Family Emergency, Plan, Child CPR, Dr. Mom & Dr. Dad to the RescueDr. Mom or Dr. Dad to the rescue! I give you ideas of common family emergency situations and the family emergency plan that you need to learn, including child CPR.

We should all consider our families in survival.  Well, we do.  This is the main reason that we prepare and learn things.  This is the main reason why most of us work hard.  We want to take care of the family.  Me being a family-centric blogger and podcaster, I believe in this whole heartedly.  I don’t think I would be writing this or creating a lot of the other content that I create if I were a single guy living well below my means.

With family comes responsibility.  One responsibility is learning how to deal with the many issues that arise.  We should know how to deal with medical issues to some extent.  The term, “Dr. Mom” wasn’t created by coincidence.  Well, I am going to tell you the things that you may want to learn to earn your title as Dr. Mom.  Before, I get started, I want to explain that part of knowing what to do is also knowing when to do nothing.  After many children, we are the opposite of helicopter parents, and for good reason.  I think the stress of multiple children will cause health issues for the helicopter parent, so don’t do that.

Head Injuries can be a headache!

Head injuries are extremely common in children and will happen to all children.  When babies start rolling… or crawling… or walking… or jumping off of tables… or crawling under tables, you will have head bumps and bruises.  Just learn to know when it is serious.  Many bumps are serious enough to cause concussions which require 24 hour evaluation without sleep because comas could be a result.

Eye Injuries

A common phrase in my house is, “Stop bringing those sticks in the house, and stop running with them!” and, “Stop chasing your sister with those sticks.”  I know we aren’t alone.  Children do dumb things that will hurt them because they haven’t figured out their own mortality yet.  You need to know what to do for eye injuries.  So… learn this stuff.

Oral Injuries

Children can knock teeth out, chip teeth, get ulcers, and even tooth decay.  Most of this will require dental professionals, but there are many things you can do to help your children immediately until you can get dental work done.

Joint and Muscle Injuries are a real pain!

Bumps to the knee, strains, sprains, dislocations, breaks are all less of an issue in children.  Even if it happens often, the amount of times children SHOULD have had their bones or muscles destroyed is a much higher number.  When I was a child, I was run over by a trailer with 4 or 5 round bells of hay in it.  It was in a field, so it was moving slowly, and went slowly over my legs.  Long story short… NO BROKEN BONES.  Now when these injuries do actually happen, it can be pretty serious.  Learning splints and relocation can be a great tool, as well as a sports wrap with an ace bandage.  You can use it in the R.I.C.E. method to reduce your swelling.

Cuts, Burns, Bleeding, and Infections

Getting cuts and scrapes allow blood to go out of the body, and bacteria or viruses to enter the body.  If cuts and scrapes occur, bleeding is a great thing to some extent because it cleans the wound and reduces infection, but we want to keep it from being too much.  Learning how to stop bleeding in emergencies is a great tool to have.  Also we should know how to treat infected wounds.  Something as simple as stopping nose bleeds can be helpful.  Know the different degrees of burns and what the first aid for each is.

Breathing Problems

Asthma is a real concern in a few children.  Keeping an overall healthy child will reduce asthma issues now and when they grow up.  Getting Lung infections and other breathing issues from getting sick will need assistance.  Learn the signs of basic breathing problems so you know if a home remedy will do or if real medical attention is needed.

Loss of Consciousness, CPR, Choking

People can lose consciousness due to heat related illnesses, choking, drowning, etc.  First, You need to know CPR and the Heimlich maneuver so you know what to do in common scenarios.  You can learn the lesser known things like the downward thrust method on babies instead of breaking their ribs.  Dealing with an unconscious person with and without injury is important.  Learn when to roll them over to prevent choking on vomit and other things.

Heat and Cold Related Injuries

Dehydration, Heat Stress, Frostbite, hypothermia, and many other illnesses are a result from heat and cold environment.  Know how to prevent them, and then know how to treat them when it happens despite your persistence and knowledge.

Bites and Stings, and Allergic Reactions

We get bit by bugs all the time.  Some we feel, and some we don’t.  Anaphylaxis can set in when a child is allergic to things like bees, spiders, peanuts, etc.  I had a tick behind my ear once and got really sick for about a week.  It was horrible.  Know when to look for this stuff, how to find it, and how to correct it.


Chemicals around the house are a big problem around children.  Keep them out of it.  Lock them up, and use non-toxic stuff when possible.  Otherwise know how to contract poison control and what to do when something is accidentally introduced to your child.  Get the MSDS for every hazardous chemical in your home.


Vomiting, Diarrhea, Fever, Dehydration and other things can occur from sickness.  Know at what temperature a doctor’s visit is REALLY necessary.  Know what signs are serious and what we can do to keep things like dehydration from happening.  Know when to let it “run it’s course” instead of medicine that will reduce the body’s effectiveness in fighting illness.

Know the numbers

Know the numbers of local authorities, Keep them in a binder, and teach your children how to dial 911, and the seriousness of dialing it.

ER – Emergency Room

Know when it is needed and when it is not.  Enough said.

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