Why Homeschool, Classroom Ideas, Teaching Methods for Child-Led Education

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026 Urban Survival Skills, Urban Agriculture, Bugging In Apartment
April 19, 2014
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April 25, 2014
Why Homeschool, Classroom Ideas, Teaching Methods for Child-Led Education

Why Homeschool, Classroom Ideas, Teaching Methods for Child-Led Education

Why homeschool?  Why not just send our children to public or private school.  If I was to homeschool, do you have any homeschool classroom ideas? And what are some awesome teaching methods for child-led education at home?  Well, I will answer all of these with tons of golden nuggets in today’s post, so keep reading!

Our Prussian system based school is doomed to fail and is resulting in the moral, confidence, and intelligence reduction of our children.  It has worked so far because it is designed to create people that are part of the system.  As the system starts to fail, people realize that the school system is failing.

The proof is the uptick of private schools and homeschooling.  I didn’t want this post to be about the failing of the school system, I just wanted to discuss the different methods of teaching your children in your every day lives.  Some of the below suggestions are ideas for a Child-led curriculum and some are just ideas to make school fun:

Teach your Children by Working on Projects

My children are more creative than I am… by far!  So I need to exercise that creativity by allowing them to take on projects.  Projects are fun.  At work, I enjoy going from an idea of how to automate a machine, to figuring out how I will achieve it, to what parts and items I must purchase to make it possible, and to the point of building the electrical systems needed to perform the automated work.

Children can do the same thing.  Maybe not on the scale that I am talking about, but they can go through the same creative processes.  It is very important that we think of this.  They need to come up with something that they want to build or improve.  This can be art or a robot.  It can be a birdhouse or a space station, I don’t care.  What do THEY find interest in doing.  Work on the idea, then how it can be achieved, then what materials will be needed, then work on the project.  After completion, allow them to explain the steps that they took, and how the new product works.  You could go all business on them and ask them to figure out how to sell it.

Children Learn Well with Educational Games

I don’t care if it is Math, Reading, or Geography.  Games are fun.  Children love fun games.  As long as we don’t make the games way above their level and we base them in learning, we can teach them plenty.

Teach them to READ

Our children LOVE books.  I am a tyrant about bedtime, but my wife is smarter (and less stressed out at bedtime) than I am.  She allows them to stay awake in bed and look at books as long as they are quiet.  We have a son that is almost self-taught to read, and a daughter that is getting close.  Once they love to read, and can do it well, it is much easier to do school, because they can teach themselves whatever you ask them to read.  My son has a personal bible, dictionary, and thesaurus.  On top of this, we have encyclopedia sets that he loves to look through.  This is the first thing all children should be focused on achieving, because it makes homeschooling more bearable.

Create Stories with Your Children

This is an activity that sparks lots of creativity and will push them to be producers instead of consumers.  Many creative endeavors can be sold, so teach them that the stories may be sold as children’s books.  Let them have their cut of book profits.

Teach Children “Hands-On” Techniques and Skills with DIY

When you are working on your project, allow your children to be a part of it.  I am really bad about this, because it would take me much less time to just do it myself than to let my children help.  But what I fail to realize is that I am actually being more productive if I let them help.  Instead of just finishing my DIY, I am now finishing my project, spending time with my children, and teaching them valuable hands-on skills.  Three things instead on 1.

Children Can Learn from Every Day Life

Whether it is commerce at the Farmers’ Market or just socializing, children can be propelled to learn in those situations.  Speaking of Farmers’ Markets, This is where we are trying to teach them the value of exchange, not just money.

Teach Children Under Pressure

I don’t mean make a high-stress scenario for them.  I mean offer them a decision to be made and allow them to decide which action to take within reason.  Then allow them to deal with the consequences of their decision within reason.

Learning from Field Trips

Field Trips are classic for learning something and having a “break” from schooling.  You can take them to places like museums, galleries, or places of business.  People are almost always happy to have a child learn about what they do and know.  You will see people’s faces light up when they get to teach children about their businesses.  Museums and galleries are obvious what you can learn… a lot!  You could also frequent zoos or farms.  We do the latter of the two quite a lot.

Help Your Children Start a Business

Workers are a dime a dozen now due to the school system, but we don’t have enough good entrepreneurs.  I could do a whole post on this alone, but I will keep it short.  You teach them to be creative, decisive, and methodical.  You also teach them a skill that will quite possibly save their lives.  Business can be extremely fun.  I know mine is.

Give Kids the Desire to Learn

When you pick up on their curiosity at all, you pick at it.  Place a log on the fire.  Have conversations about it.  Find out what makes them tick and give them more.  This flows right into the next one…

Learning from YouTube

When they want to know something, YouTube (under adult supervision) is just absolutely wonderful.  My children love to learn about solar systems, stars, and black holes from YouTube.

Teaching by Historic Reenactments

We love taking our children to the Renaissance Fairs and Civil War reenactments.  If there were more historic reenactments, we would frequent them.  You take good actors that like children and give them a job being a historian with realistic tools, the children will benefit a lot.

Stealth Teaching

This falls in line with most of what I have said so far.  Every day, be intentional about your children’s learning.  Find sneaky ways to throw learning in EVERYTHING.  My children think that I am playing with them when we play ball, but I am actually coaching them every single time… just not overtly.

Maybe, I have given you ideas about how you can teach your children.  I have given myself lots of ideas.  This post was as much for me as it is for you.  Now come up with some cool things you can do to teach your children.

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