Survival Forum, Survivalism or Survivalist Training, Prepper Groups, Plus Membership

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Survival Forum, Survivalism or Survivalist Training, Prepper Groups, Plus Membership

Survival Forum, Survivalism or Survivalist Training, Prepper Groups, Plus Membership

Survival Forum, Survivalism or Survivalist Training, Prepper Groups, Plus Membership

Survival Forum, Survivalism or Survivalist Training, Prepper Groups, Plus Membership

I decided to take the day to mention what my plans are and what the vision of our community is.  I would like it if you would ALL read this, because it may affect you in a good way. I have told you over and over that I want to be transparent, and part of this is to discuss business things with you. I talk about the possibility of a survival forum, survivalism or survivalist training, loca prepper groups, and website plus membership.

Survival Training Products and Seminars:

I am looking at products that I can sell to pay for all of my expenses on the blog, podcast, and eventually… forum if you guys want it.  I have a plan, and have for a while, for a book on electricity for preppers.  It will have a lot of theory and technical knowledge in it, but it will be as layman as possible.  The importance of the book is for people to learn, not to prove how smart I am, so I will keep it simple yet full of information needed.

The next product is a Survival Training that is one to two months long.  The Plan is to make a self-paced version available, and one that involves a lot of my time.  The self-paced version gives all the content and training videos, etc.  The more expensive option (for this reason…) is to get everything the self-paced version has, but every week, one day a week, I will make myself available to answer questions in person via skype, facebook, or google plus (I haven’t decided).  The real difference between this training and other trainings is the fact that the entire training is based around maintaining a “Dave Ramsey- Style Budget” and having prepping goals that line up with that.  Understand one thing… My time is pretty expensive for consulting or speaking, so I am cutting a large deal for people in this training.  But, I haven’t determined how much of a deal yet, and I will have to limit the amount of people that can attend the higher option.  Name?  I was thinking “From Zero to Hero” Survival Training on a Budget.  I am building a lot of the stuff that goes with the training, and once that is done: #1 I will need people to beta test it and #2 I will need to create apps and such to make it all centralized and capable to be used “on the go”.

The option for this has recently progresses to separate things.  The survival training will be separate, but dependent on the survival budget.  I am right now taking applications for beta-testers for the budget.  If you decide to be a beta tester, you will have to meet some minimum requirements, which most people should meet.

Survival, Prepper, Survivalist Plus Membership:

I am looking at a forum option, but want to wait on that.  I want to wait till I have a few more listeners and readers before making a forum.  If I don’t, nobody will show up and it will get nothing but spam traffic.  How do I know?  I had one that had this happen to it.  Another thing is the fact that I DON’T WANT TO RUN A FORUM!  I want someone that is a super forum guy that, when I set it up, will become the main person.  He will hire moderators.  I will ensure that AT LEAST 60% or more of revenue generated from the forum as it grows, goes to those members.  I will not pay a paycheck, it will be a partnership, where I am the extremely limited partner.  What I will offer, is a place to park the website, 10 thousand visitors to my blog per month (which is small, but steadily growing) and almost 2000 podcast listeners. (These are people that purposely take an hour of their time every week to listen to what I have to say!)

I am also looking at, and have for quite some time, a Clever Survivalist / Prepper Podcast Plus Membership.  I will continue to make content like I always have, but I will create additional content available to members, have company discounts for different vendors, Have lots of E-Books Available, and make my “paid-for” products available for discount.  I was also thinking about making a small membership area available on the forum for plus members only.  I don’t know what the name for this would be: Plus Membership, Support Team 6, The Members Sentinel Team?  If someone figures out the best name for the plus membership, when I actually have it, they will get their first year free.

Localized Survival Training and Prepper Groups Meeting In your neck of the woods:

I am also keeping my mind open for local things.  Obviously, the forums would help to bridge the gap for the people in the community right now.  Everyone could have their state or region board and meet people on the forum.

But I was also considering, first local to me, and eventually hosting meet and learn style of gatherings.  I have had lots of people ask if I train locally, but I generally can’t be everywhere.  What I can do, is create my inclusive online training course, make myself available there for everyone, and maybe partner up with people that are experts to do things across the U.S.  I am not keen on the spider web of local training, but will not trash can it.  What I can say is that I am one man that doesn’t want to have myself spread so thin being into everything that I am not useful for anything.

Why do I actually think it extremely important that people meet up locally?  Because we can be a powerful, influential, and helpful group nationally or even globally, but when it matters, it is your family, friends, and neighbors that you will turn to.  So I will do SOMETHING to help with this, since I think it is so important.

Wrap Up:

If anyone reads this that really knows what they are doing, you are welcome to get in contact with me, but remember, I can only bring out one to two things at a time, since my time is limited and I have to spend it on anything that is released.  This being said, I really hope you guys reach out if you know what you are doing, and have an entrepreneurial mind.  I am always willing to partner up with members of the community in business, but there is always a vetting process.  I have been in successful and unsuccessful ventures before, so have ideas of what I look for.


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