Emergency Action Plan Template for a National Disaster with Warning

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February 24, 2014
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Emergency Action Plan Template for a National Disaster with Warning

Emergency Action Plan Template for a National Disaster with Warning

Emergency Action Plan Template for a National Disaster with Warning

Emergency Action Plan Template for a National Disaster with Warning

The following is a question from Greg from Colorado. He emailed me at ken@cleversurvivalist.com to ask me in an example of what kind of emergency action plan template I would implement for a national disaster if you actually have some warning, this may surprise you. You can email me as well. If you are doing so, please do a one to two sentence question, and then explain yourself.  Greg actually gave me two scenarios, one of which I am going to answer here, and the next I will answer, probably next week.  Here is the FIRST PART of his email:


1. Some warning–You wake up one day and see on the news events that has the possibility to put our world in chaos.
What do the prudent people that are aware of what these indicators do first?



First, I would need to know the news. What was the significant even? I will make up my own, since you left that wide open. There are a few questions to ask that will get you thinking for your own answers when something happens.

  1. We need to assess the situation. Was it an event that required us to stay home? Was it an event that required us to “bug out?”
  2. What timeframe are we looking at? Depends on our location. Do I have an hour, two hours, a day to do whatever I have to to be prepared?
  3. Is the event in your “disaster plan” notebook?

Let’s assume that it is a pandemic. There is real threat of this occurring. I would probably be bugging in, in this scenario. Where has it spread? If it is not close to my area, knowing that I have food and supplies at home, I would probably do what several people would do. Go out and get supplies. But I wouldn’t be getting the “bread, milk, and gasoline.” I would probably look at a few tools that I am lacking. I wouldn’t be in a rush, and I wouldn’t be unarmed. I should be prepared, but what I am doing is just a few “last-minute” backups. I would NOT go where everyone else is going.

If it has spread, I would stay home and make my family do the same. We’re talking something that is spreading and is known to kill, not just another strain of flu. We should be prepared for this situation. DO NOT GET EMOTIONAL during this situation. The last thing I would do is go to a hospital or healthcare facility. A pandemic usually is not going to last for more than 6 months, but even if it does for some insane reason it is limited in time.

The Black Plague lasted 2-3 years and was only a large problem in Europe because their sanitary conditions were not as hygienic as the Middle-East, which didn’t have as much of a problem. And this was in medieval times. So if you can cover 2-3 years with your self-sufficiency and self-reliance, you could go through it… unless you got sick (and we have to accept the reality that a survivalist can still not survive something that they were prepared for)

Let’s say that there is a nuclear reactor west of you that is leaking and it seems to be getting worse. This would be a definite G.O.O.D. (get out of dodge) scenario. IF possible, you get out of the air stream. The largest nuclear accident is still only regional and, with notice, may be evaded. You need to have many exit strategies in your “disaster plan” notebook.

How much notice do you have? You should have your BOB, whatever survival manuals that you have predetermined, and any important documentation already easily accessible. Children can be helpers with their own small bags, and help get any household pets. This is for the 15-20 minute window.

As your time goes up, you need a plan already determined what you will get to take with you. More time means more “stuff”, but have it all pre-determined. Greg, I hope that answered your first question. Let me know in the comments if it has or not.

Everyone, in the future, be a little more specific with your questions, so they are easier to give a straight answer, instead of walking all around the subject. But, I tried, and hopefully it was helpful.

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