How to Use Colt Survival and Combat Knife, Survive in Wild

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How to Use Colt Survival and Combat Knife, Survive in Wild

How to Use Colt Survival and Combat Knife, Survive in Wild

This will probably be a shorter post.  My main reason for this post is to announce that I have chosen a winner for the Colt Tactical Fighter Survival Knife.  The way I did this drawing was by going to a gun show and announcing my email list to people and showing my website.  I made the website available for them to browse while there.  I told them that they had a week to sign up, but gave a week and a half to two weeks. Not only that, I mentioned the drawing on my Survival Podcast: The Prepper Podcast. I also am adding a bit about how to use survival or combat knives to survive in the wild.

OH! And I opened the drawing up to everyone that is on my list, not just the people that are new subscribers.  If you have been a subscriber for a while, you deserve (in my opinion) to be in any drawings that I have for new email subscribers.
Well, time is up people. I have drawn an email, and will be contacting that person.  When I contact them, I will ask what information I am allowed to broadcast.  I will also ask if they will send me a photo of them with the knife when they get it.  Once I get the information, I will let you all know whatever I can with still maintaining  a certain amount of operational security for the winner.
If you don’t get contacted very soon by me, and you don’t want to wait for another drawing at a later date, just visit my Colt Tactical Fighter Survival Knife Review page and there is a link to where you can purchase it… after watching a good review of the knife.

Now, so the post isn’t just about the drawing, I will give some information about good uses for a knife like this:

  • Collect tinder, kindling, firewood: You can scrape inner bark of some trees, like, cedar for tinder.  You can use in conjunction with a branch hammer to cut kindling and firewood.
  • Start fire: You can use the back of the blade at a sharp angle with a ferrocerium rod for spark.  This alone can ignite tender.  You can also do this on a stone, but with less usable sparking.  You can shave magnesium off of the magnesium ferro fire starters which will enhance your heat, starting the tender faster and easier.
  • Cutting thread and gauze: If you have gauze, but no sissors and you get a laceration, you can cut gauze for dressing it.  If you need stitching or to mend something, you can use a sharp knife for cutting thread.
  • Shelter and rope: You can cut and shape wood and sideshoots for building a shelter.  You can also cut rope to correct lengths or strip vines and such for weaving your own rope.  I would usually stay away from cutting any rope that I have, unless I need multiple pieces of it for different jobs at the same time.
  • Collect edible plants: Some plants are hard to harvest by breaking, so you can use the knife to cut it.  Sometimes you have to dig into the plant for the inner meat or sap.  Other times you just have to cut certain pieces from the plants, such as thorns.
  • Carve spears, fishhooks, and animal trap components: Although in a true survival situation a large portion of your intake is going to be from plants, you may find yourself in a situation where meat is available.  Well, you can carve tools to help get your food.  You can carve spears for throwing, fishing and snare traps.  You can use it to create makeshift fishhooks for a passive gathering of food.  You can cut or fashion the stuff in your traps, whether spring-loaded, on land, or even baited traps in water.
  • Skin game, gut fish: Because you used the knife and trapped yourself a rabbit or got a fish, now you have to skin and gut the game.  Your knife is great for this as well.
It is much easier to make tools, using a knife than it is to attempt to design a primitive knife.

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