Isometrics, Body Weight Workout Routines, Strength Training: 46 Exercises!

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November 18, 2013
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November 22, 2013


I recently did a Lifting Weights, Strength/ Resistance Training, Functional Fitness, and it is all going extremely well.  I stopped being sore after the first week and now I am in the swing of things.  I can already feel a little difference.  Some is just because I am burning more calories, and some is because I have the muscle memory from my hayday.

I am not writing for the sole purpose of updating you.  I was asked by an awesome reader if I could do a post on a lot of exercises that someone could do that doesn’t have a gym membership

Because of his email, I am going to do a post on no-gym-exercises.  Many of the excercises that I will be showing you are Isometrics, Plyometric Exercises, Simple Body Weight Workouts, and NO WEIGHT Strength Training.  You should definitely be able to get a workout routine with this comprehensive bodyweight exercise list!  Hopefully You will see the many hours of research that gets put into posts like this and will share the blog with your friends!

Lets get started destroying our bodies and building some of the best fitness you could imagine… and all without a gym.

Death by Bodyweight Exercises

  1. Knee-ups on the ground: Lie on your back and spread your arms out 90 degrees from your trunk.  Bend your knees and bring your pelvis up barely off the ground.  Then bring your knees to your chest and back down, keeping your pelvis off of the ground.  Do this as many times as you can.
  2. Curl-up: Old fashioned sit-ups.  Without your feet under anything (once you actually can do it this way) do fast paced sit-ups.  Get a quick rhythm going and do as many as you can without slowing down.  If you start slowing down, quit that set.  The object is to get your number up as high as possible each time.
  3. Wrist to knee crunches: Lie down with back on the ground.  Touch your temple (on your head) with each hand.  Do a crunch to touch your right wrist to your left knee, then your left wrist to your right knee.
  4. Single-Leg Extension: Lie on back.  Bend one leg at about 90 degrees at the knee with foot flat on ground.  Raise other leg up (keep that leg straight) to the same angle of the thigh of your bent leg.
  5. Ski Squats: You are essentially going into and past a sitting position, without a chair.  You need a wall for this one because a tree would be tough to use.  Stand two feet away from wall with back to it.  You will lean your back on the wall.  Bend knees to 45 degrees, or a slight, half-squat bend.  Hold.  Move two inches lower on the wall, feet in same spot.  Hold.  Move two inches lower to a full squat (your thighs will be parallel to the ground now).  Hold.  Move a couple inches lower.  Hold.  Move down as far as you can on the wall without resting your butt on anything.  Hold.  This is one full set.  Do as many as you can.
  6. Lunges, Static: Use weak leg first.  Step out with one leg, and almost touch the ground with the knee of the rear leg.  Your back leg’s shin will be almost parallel with the ground and the thigh of the front leg will be parallel with the ground.  Raise back up without moving your feet at all.  Down and up as many times as you can on the weak leg.  Then move to the strong leg and only do what you did with the weaker leg.  If you want a more advanced variation, once you are lunged forward, lean your torso forward and stretch your arms forward to a point in front of your knee.  This will his some core muscles.
  7. Single Leg, Deadlift: Stand on one leg, bend other leg at the knee at 90 degrees to get it out of the way.  Thighs are still parallel.  Hands on waist.  Bend the supporting leg as far down as you can and back up, but the goal is to get the thigh parallel to the ground.  If you can’t get that far, it is fine, just work on it.
  8. Single stiff-legged deadlift: Stand on one leg.  Keep other foot slightly off ground and keep legs roughly parallel. Just slightly bend knees, but to not change the angle through the exercise!  Bend at the waste and touch toward the ground (touch it if you can) and back up.  You will also build arch muscle in your foot.
  9. Regular Squats and single legged squats:  You just squat keeping shoulders forward just a little and come down till knees are parallel with ground.
  10. Handstand push-ups: This is working the same group as the military press.  Stand on your hands about a foot in front of the wall with your back against it.  Lower your body until head almost touches the ground and back up.  Good Luck!
  11. Single-leg calf raises: Place ball of one foot on an elevated surface, like a step or rock.  Lift your body with the one calf muscle.  After the set, obviously, switch.

Combat Fitness Conditioning

  1. Back Bridge: Eleviates back pain and neck issues (not a miracle exercise though).  Lie with back on ground.  Arch back and bring hips off of ground.  Now you should look like an arch.  Rest on your forehead.  Rock gently back and forth to reduce the distance between your feet and head.  At first, you will work on getting comfortable, then slowly raise the time you will do this.
  2. Hindu Squat: ARMS TO YOUR SIDE!  Stand on toes (calf-raise).  On toes, squat down till your but touches your calves while breathing out.  Next, explode up, trowing your arms directly in front of you while breathing in.  Then bring your arms back to your side.  Stay on your toes the entire time.  Focus on form, then 25 straight with perfect form, then 100, and work your way up to 500 in a row.
  3. Hindu Push-Up (Divebombers): Legs wider than shoulder width.  Bend down and forward to create a bit of a triangle.  Keep back straight and head in line with back.  You should be looking directly at your feet now.  Keeping legs straight, feet and hands on the ground at all times, and nothing else touching the ground, slowly lower your head to the ground and arch your stomach to move into kind of a pushup position and then push up to arch your abs.  Then back down and slowly return, keeping your form.  Start with trying 25 and have a goal of 100.
  4. Handstand Push-ups on chairs.  Same as previously stated, but you will use two elevated platforms on both sides of you so you can lower your head below the surfaces to give fuller range.
  5. Bear Crawls: Easy to explain this one.  Crawl quickly on all fours.  Don’t use knees, these aren’t baby-crawls.  Hands and feet only.
  6. Crab Walk: Opposite of bear crawl.  You will have your back pointing to the ground, and you will crawl on your hands and feet.
  7. Home Excercises
  8. Basic Squat
  9. Jump Squat: Variation of Basic squat, but your way up is an explosive jump.
  10. Tricep Push-up: just like a regular push-up, but bring your hands inward and downward to center chest on the floor.  Make a diamond shape with your hands.  Go up and down like usual.  A neat variation is to bring your hands to shoulder level and lower yourself until your nose touches the floor between the diamond.
  11. Side Leaps: Jump from a semi-squat position and leap sideways to land on your right foot, and go down, then spring sideways to your left foot, and back and forth.  This is a continuous exercise.
  12. Plank Push-ups: start in push-up position, hands under shoulders.  Lower yourself by bending at the elbow and keeping elbows below your shoulders all the time.  Then back up.  Once you can do these, do it with alternating single arms.
  13. Walking Lunge: Just a lunge where you are moving forward instead of standing in one place.
  14. Leg Balance: Balance on right foot with left foot directly behind.  Keep left leg straight and right just slightly bent.  Slowly lean forward while raising your back leg to keep yourself balanced.  Raise your leg as high as possible.  Back down and switch.
  15. Bird Dog: Get on all fours.  Raise your left leg and right arm and keep them straight.  Hold until it burns.  Back down.  Switch.
  16. Side Hip Drops:  Lie on your side.  Place elbow on floor below shoulders and lift your hips off the floor.  Now you should be on feet and forearm.  Hold till it burns a little, but not too much.  Do as many as you want and then switch sides.
  17. Superman: Lay on stomach.  Reach arms forward (flying like superman) while slowly raising your legs keeping them straight.  Hold for 10 seconds and repeat.  Work your way up.  A variation that I used to do: Once you get into position, raise your left arm further while raising you right leg further.  Then right arm and left leg while lowering the previous ones.  Keep alternating until you get a good burn.  These are good physical therapy exercises for many back issues.

Park Bench Excercises? (and other park items)

  1. Alternating Step Ups: Stand in front of bench and step up with left leg and explode your right leg up towards the sky.  Step back down and switch.  Try for 10 at first.
  2. Bench Jumps: Don’t jump down because injury will follow.  Jump up as high as you can landing as sofly as possible on the bench.  Step down and do it again.
  3. Incline Push-Ups (or decline push-ups, It is simulating the incline bench exercise for your chest, but you are technically declined): Toes on the bench and hands on the ground.  Do pushups like this.
  4. Swing Rows: Grab swing chains, lean back, make your body tight and straight.  Pull yourself up with your back and arms.  I recommend lifting gloves for this.
  5. Body Rows: Find a bar anywhere at the right height.  Lie on your back, and pull yourself up toward the bar, keeping your body stiff and straight.  You could do these on your table at home.
  6. Pull Ups: So many monkey bars, so little time.  With hands facing away from you it is a pull up.  Facing you is a chin-up.  You would be surprised by the difference.  If you cant pull your chin above the bar, then try to jump above the bar and lower yourself down extremely slowly.  This is called a negative.
  7. Assisted Lunges: Use a park bench or something to help you stabilize while doing lunges.  You need to work up to regular lunges.
  8. Bent Reverse Crunches: Lie on back.  Bend knees and bring knees (at the same time) to your chest while flexing stomach.  Lower and straighten.  Again.
  9. Straight Reverse Crunches:  Same deal, but you keep your legs straight the whole time and bring them straight up before lowering them back down.
  10. Hanging Knee Tucks: Hang from a bar and bring your knees up to your chest.  Back down.  Repeat as long as you can.  Variation of this is to bring them into the right side and then the left.
  11. Bench or Chair Dips: Hands on bench behind your back, shoulder width apart.  Lower yourself until your upper arm is parallel with ground, or lower if you can, and raise yourself back up.
  12. Monkey Bars are fun people, use them.
  13. Bar Dips: If you can find a parallel bar, do dips on the bars.  Try doing this with your feet straight out in front of you.

Other Workouts you Should Consider for Fitness

  1. Walking
  2. Pushups
  3. Leg Lifts: Lying on your side, or lifting both of them when lying on your back.
  4. Crunches
  5. Jumping Jacks
  6. Arm and Shoulder Circles: Extend arms straight out to your sides, parallel to the ground and make circles about a foot in diameter.  Do them till they burn.
  7. You can Weight-Lift things around the house.
  8. Dance: I would laugh at you, but you would be toning up a lot.  Let me change that, I would only laugh at you if I knew you!
  9. Stairs: At home, a gym, bleachers, or anywhere else with steps.  We ran bleachers in sports, but walking is great too.  You have to be careful.
  10. Bicycle Crunches: Lie on back and bend knees.  Move legs like you are riding a bicycle, rotating and extending alternately.  While doing this, you bring your right elbow to left knee, then left elbow to right knee, over and over.
  11. 8 Count Pushups: (kind of like a burpee) Standing, drop down in a squat and place hands on ground, Push legs out behind you to end up in a push-up position, do one pushup down then up, bend legs back up into the squat again
  12. Mountain Climbers: Get in pushup position and alternate bringing your legs up to your hands.
  13. Sprints: Legs build better when using explosive techniques, so short explosive sprints are a great exercise.
  14. Reverse sprints: Hopefully I don’t have to spell this out for you.
  15. Hip Rotations: Push up position.  Lift left leg and bring it behind the right, twisting your hips into the same direction.  Raise your leg further if possible and then down and return.  Do several and switch.

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