How to make PVC or 5 Gallon Survival Caches for Your Necessities

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Lifting Weights, Strength/ Resistance Training, Functional Fitness
November 4, 2013
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November 8, 2013
How to make PVC or 5 Gallon Survival Caches for Your Necessities
How to make PVC or 5 Gallon Survival Caches for Your Necessities

How to make PVC or 5 Gallon Survival Caches for Your Necessities

Well, today, I will kinda change it up a little and write a post that brings preppers, military survivalists, and wilderness survival experts together.  It is the concept of the cache.  I will tell you how to make a PVC Survival Cache and a 5 Gallon Bucket Cache to store your Survival Necessities.  Just a thought real quick, I may do one or two more on hiding it and what goes in it, but today is the basic build.

Building a 5 Gallon Bucket Cache:

This one is pretty straight forward.  The main thing I want you to remember is that the bucket has to have a seal-able lid.  This is especially true if it is buried.  You already know how much you can store in a bucket.  This should definitely be enough for a 72 hour stash for at least two people.  If you aren’t going to bury it, then you must make it hard to spot and inconspicuous.  You will need to paint it.  If you are going to paint, you should rough it up quite well so the paint will stick better.  When weather takes its toll, you want your paint to stay.  This goes for all caches.

Building a PVC Pipe Survival Cache:

The cool thing about the PVC, is that, although it breaks down in the sun, as long as it is buried, it will last a really long time.  Many preppers or militant types want to ensure that they can get to their firearms in different directions, so at a minimum, they will stash some cheaper, but trusted firearms in a PVC Cache.  All of the spaces in the PVC Cache are fill-able with other necessities as well.  Never waste space that could be used for more items.

What you need (15-25 bucks to purchase these):

  • 4 or 6 inch PVC Pipe (4-6 feet in length)
  • 4 or 6 inch PVC End cap
  • PVC Cleaner and Glue
  • Silicone
  • 4 or 6 inch PVC to NPT adapter
  • 4 or 6 inch PVC NPT Screw-On lid
  • Teflon Tape

The build:

  • Cut the PVC Pipe to be the correct size for what item you want to hide.  If you will hide a rifle, make sure it can fit.
  • Clean the pipe and end-cap with the cleaner.
  • Place silicone on the inside rim of the end cap (on the bottom)
  • Place PVC Glue around the end of the PVC pipe
  • Snug up the pipe in the end cap, so hopefully, the glue will make it water tight, but the silicone will ensure water sealing when it dries.
  • Clean just like above, just on the other end.
  • Next, you will want to silicone the rim of the adapter on the inside where the pipe will be seated.
  • Glue just like above, just using the adapter instead of an end cap.
  • Next, silicone the outside of the pipe, where it forms a lip with the end cap and adapter. (This is another way to ensure water doesn’t get in)
  • Once everything is dried, you can place Teflon onto the lid and screw the lid into the adapter.
  • Optional Additions (Not in Parts List)
    • Paint if desired, but don’t waste your time if you feel the desire to bury it.
    • Tie parachord around it on both ends to make a strap.  Then use hose clamps to keep it in place.
    • Vacuum Sealed bags and a vacuum sealer to add additional sealing for your supplies inside the cache.
    • I recommend silica gel packs in the bags

Want to test it?

  • Fill it with rocks or a weight and submerge it in a tub of water.  After a couple days, you can rest a little easier that your equipment is safe from water.  Any time you open the lid, you must clean and re-Teflon tape it.

Just as an added bonus, sometimes the best place to hide something like this is  in plain sight.  What I mean is this: If the PVC Cache it is placed in your yard, right beside where a sewage line clean out would be, you could bury it, but keep the lid above ground, like ANY clean-out could be.  That makes it quick and easy to find and get to.  Up to you if you feel comfortable with this idea.


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