Proactively Living Your Best Life Vs The Ill Prepared

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October 15, 2013
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Proactively Living Your Best Life Vs The Ill Prepared

Proactively Living Your Best Life Vs The Ill Prepared

Proactively Living Your Best Life Vs The Ill Prepared

Proactively Living Your Best Life Vs The Ill Prepared


Lets learn how to turn ourselves from reactive to proactively living your best life possible vs allowing us to become the Ill prepared.  If you follow this idea, it may not dramatically shift your entire life, but it will allow you to change a small part of life that will pay big rewards over time.

I simply want to explain a concept that is a core principle to this blog and my Prepper Podcast.  Probably my favorite posts are those that can be summarized in one sentence because no matter what else I write, you probably get my point.  Those are called “wisdom nuggets.”  Ok, so, here it goes: “We must do just a little more today than it takes to get through today.”

This one sentence wraps up so much.  It turns a reactive person into a proactive person, even if on just the smallest scale.  It is the unspoken truth that any survival-minded person lives life by, unless they freak-out, of course, which I know I have MANY posts about staying calm and taking your preps one step at a time.

People hear, “The end of the world!” and they go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, but the issue is that they are heading in a direction that is just off of the finish line.  If they slowed down and took their bearings, they could redirect themselves to the goal, but they just miss it.  They buy up a bunch of stuff and end up with an entire basement of canned goods that are not what they want to eat, nor can they eat them all before they expire.  Store what you eat and eat what you store.

This goes for everything.  It goes for your food preps, your skill improvement, water storage, emergency checklists, or even just reading something that will teach you something valuable (be it a self-improvement book, bible, or doomsday novel).

Today, I will work my normal work day, come home tired, and then what?  Well, what I want to do is grab a beer, relax on the couch, and tell everyone to be quiet.  What I am going to do is play with the children, which is always a noble endeavor, then grab a beer, dehydrate some bananas that are soon to go bad, eat dinner, work on a small, secret project, and THEN watch a few minutes of TV.

Tomorrow, I will probably not dehydrate anything, but I may just work on the project a little.

The entire idea is that I will do just a little more today than I have to in order to get by.  I don’t have to do blog posts or podcasts.  I don’t have to write books.  I don’t have to build other niche websites that point people here, but I do because I want to constantly move forward.  Like a shark in water, if we don’t swim forward, we will sink.  We need to keep working to improve our lives, not with stuff, but with attitudes, skills, family values, and our overall self-reliance.

The take-away today is this: If you aren’t working, playing, eating, and resting with purpose, direction or intent, then there is probably a better way to do it.  We need to take time off, but we also need to work the fields a little.  We need to improve that “soil.”  We could just go pull the weeds, but we could also take five minutes to place that weed into a compost pile, or to place compost on stunted plants.

Today, think of something proactive for your personal development, for your preps, or skills today.  It may seem insignificant, but It is not, and it may prove to be useful more than you know.  I remember buying peppers on clearance, coming home and learning how to vacuum seal them for the freezer.  Now I can think of thousands of things that the vacuum sealer is good for.

Take your small steps every day, otherwise, you will be trying to jump way too far at a time, and it will be very easy to get overwhelmed.

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