Things to Consider when Moving into a New Home, Anxiety, & Choices

Urban vs Rural vs Suburban Living: Definition, Community, Comparison
Urban vs Rural vs Suburban Living: Definition, Community, Comparison
September 19, 2013
Global Pandemic Preparedness & H1N1 "Swine" Flu Virus Lesson: Largest Natural & Human Disasters P1
Global Pandemic Preparedness & H1N1 “Swine” Flu Virus Lesson: Largest Natural & Human Disasters P1
October 1, 2013
Things to Consider when Moving into a New Home, Anxiety, & Choices

Deciding Where to Move for Survival

Things to Consider when Moving into a New Home, Anxiety, & Choices

Deciding Where to Move for Survival


I want to discuss things to consider when moving.  Not really when but before moving into a new home.  Now that I think of it, the title may be a little misleading.  I really want to discuss what you should look for in a home and the property that you choose. Finding land and a new home can be a big task, and when moving it creates moving anxiety about the choices that you made and if you are doing the right thing.  I have a large list of things to look at when considering a property.  I am not talking about choosing between  a couple properties in the same community, I am actually talking about things to consider when choosing where, geographically, you should settle in.  What in the world does all of this have to do with prepping or survivalism?  Many of our fellow preppers are actually looking for new places with more freedoms.

Remember that soon, there will be a good sized gap in my posting.  I have decided to take some time off from posting when my next child arrives.  Ezra is due as I am writing this, so the posts could stop at any moment.  I just want everyone to be aware of this, and I will be back on scene when everything is calm on the homefront again.

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I will provide a little less conversation and personal opinion on each thing on the list, because I have an extensive list to provide and I ALREADY GET PEOPLE UNSUBSCRIBING BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO READ TOO MUCH.  This makes no sense, since they DID subscribe to A BLOG.  But they left before I had the chance to announce something that would require less reading.  You will just have to wait for it.  I promise it will be soon enough.

Do you have a job?  Do you work as a telecommuter?  Do you “work at home?”  Are you an entrepreneur?  If so, you may have the ability to do this first suggestion.  Try no selling your home right away, and rent a crummy, tiny apartment in the areas that you want to move to for a month or two.  This will allow you to explore the area and understand the community there.  You can actually see the types of properties that are on the market.  You really want to try the shoe on and see if it fits before buying it.  What is weird is that people will make decisions that affect their whole lives from afar but will not buy shoes online!

If you don’t have the ability to live there like I mentioned, then you should use at least one week of your vacation time to search around.  You are NOT wasting your vacation time.  Why?  Because if it is truly a place for you, you will not be hesitant to go on vacation there.

There are many questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • What do I love?  We are talking hobbies, activities, and more.  I personally want some mountainous terrain.  I am a hiker, climber, mountain biker, and extreme outdoor sport type of person, so this is very important to me.
  • What can I afford?  We don’t want to overextend ourselves.  We really want to think of what we can actually afford and then, only really look at things that are 80% of that.  If you want more, then you need to figure out how to afford more, so your 80% is more.
  • Why am I moving?  Am I moving for superficial reasons, or is it for a lifestyle?  We move for life, not for the stuff somewhere.
  • Will this make me happy?  Truly happy?  Are you just unhappy where you are because you have some issues making you unhappy, or are you happy in life, but could see yourself fitting better in this new area?
  • What type of people are there?  This is just about as important as the land there.  The people will make or break the place.  You need to know if you are compatable with them.  One way is to use up those vacation days I talked about at a Bed-and-Breakfast.  Have conversations, and learn the people there.
  • Can I move there and keep up with my current healthcare needs?  Eventually you have to consider if you can become a cattle rancher, when you are completely lacking in health.  Sometimes, the idea of something is much better that the reality of it.  Medical is a large separator of the two.
  • Where are my friends and family?  How far away am I willing to move?  There is a huge difference in 2 hours, 4 hours, and 6 hours when you are thinking of visiting regularly.

Look at the income of the people there.  If you are financially similar to them, there is a chance that you will be able to afford that area.  You will never have the “perfect” place, but 80% perfection is darn good.

Consider everything I have written about here.  Where, why, and how are you planning to move?  Continue to look at the properties and get a feel for the property prices.

If you are looking for your homestead then maybe you should try United Country to see a better listing of rural real-estate and use for a larger database.  You can always use the local papers, or their online classifieds.  If land is a big thing for you, try

When you are finally set on what you want to look for and what areas you are going to look in, and are not interested in wasting their time, go ahead and employ the help of an agent.

I saved the best for last.  My good friend, Jack Spirko, owns the website, Walking to Freedom, which I am occasionally on which is meant to help others move from areas of tyrannical local government, to states of better laws.  Please check it out and let everyone know that you found it through my Survivalist Blog!  I want Jack to wonder why in the world everyone is coming from!

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