The Reality of the Use of Deadly Force in a TEOTWAWKI Situation

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The Reality of the Use of Deadly Force in a TEOTWAWKI Situation

The Reality of the Use of Deadly Force in a TEOTWAWKI Situation


The Reality of the Use of Deadly Force in a TEOTWAWKI Situation

The Reality of the Use of Deadly Force in a TEOTWAWKI Situation


I am going to attempt to not get to detailed or graphic on this post, but the common trend for me is a failure because one I get to writing, I don’t know when to stop.  I don’t do many posts on TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) scenarios because my personal opinion of it is different than most people in survival.  I will be discussing that in most of these scenarios, the use of deadly force is a probablility that is much, much higher than normal.  As a matter of fact, I think that I may do a post soon on the use of deadly force in daily life to show the potential.

TEOTWAWKI, in my opinion, really could be lost in the wilderness of Alaska from a plane crash, or a hurricane that moves in off the coast that causes such infrastructure damage it destroys your city.  It could be a massive earthquake on a regional scale, or even the dreaded economic collapse.  Besides the destruction and death due to natural causes, two things are almost always a result of them.  First, you find that it will bring out the good and honor in many people that are good natured.  Next, you will find that the evil people and scums come out of the woodworks.

I want everyone that is reading this to be the first person.  I want you all to pay attention to my post about raising strong children, because they are not the only ones that need to have those traits, we all do.  Just BE THE GOOD PEOPLE and at all costs.  I am not saying not to defend yourself or family.  Nor am I saying to never kill another person, which we all hope will NEVER have to be done.  But, good people don’t prey on the innocent, or weak.  They are not the violators, they are the snuffers of the violators.

But this is not what my post is about.  It is about the fact that alot of the degredation of society comes out to take advantage of the situation.  These people many times dont mean harm to anyone, they just want to steal, but in the heat of the moment, deadly force is a real possibility.  Others  really do mean serious harm to the health and life of others.

I would say that about 2% of the population acts on their immorality.  You think of how many law abiding citizens there are that are only doing so due to the reprecussions by the law, or societal morality pressures and you will probably be up to around 10% easy.  In short, they want to be accepted in society, and to avoid legal punishment.  Now think of a TEOTWAWKI, either global, regional, or localized.  Now you have typically good, law abiding citizens that are having to watch their children starve.  Every day they have to tell their children, “I know you are hungry, but we don’t have any food.”  People going through this will be very apt to take desperate measures to place food on the table.  This could be at a minimum 20%, and probably MUCH more than that, of the population.

The chances of you encountering people that can cause you or your family harm or death goes up exponentially in these situations.  You need to be able to defend yourselves at home, or even out.  I recommend much of the following regularly:

  1. Everyone should work on their situational awareness:  You need to take a methodical approach to improving the security of your home.  Keep home and cars locked.  There is plastic that can be pressed to windows to make them shatter resistant.  You need pepper spray all over the place and to constantly refresh yourself on where it is.  You need firearms in a tactical position.
  2. You need to own a firearm or two: Like above, you need firearms in your home.  A good 20 or 12 gauge shotgun loaded with #4 buckshot and ready to be grabbed in the middle of the night.  Keep a handgun on you side at home for when you cant get to your shotgun.  Also for concealed carry where allowed by law.
  3. You need some non-lethal weapons that you will not hesitate to use:  I already discussed the pepper spray and I have made an entire list on non-lethal weapons in a previous post.  You are going to be more willing to use these without hesitating when every second matters.
  4. You need training: On all of the items, you need to train yourself, or get professional training.  Training is less costly than your life, so do it.  If anyone is in west tennessee, or willing to travel, and you would like me to set up training sessions that everyone can participate in, just email me and let me know.  I will not do something like this, unless there is actual interest.

In TEOTWAWKI, people WILL be willing to take your life, or a family member’s life, and sometimes, you just have to be willing to do the same in defense.  Rape, Mugging, Serial Killers, and more are already happening.  It will only go up in this situation, so be ready to defend.


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