FEMA Buying Long Life Food Stockpiles Preparing for Disaster?

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August 5, 2013
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FEMA Buying Long Life Food Stockpiles Preparing for Disaster? FEMA letter.

FEMA Buying Long Life Food Stockpiles Preparing for Disaster? FEMA letter.

FEMA Buying Long Life Food Stockpiles Preparing for Disaster? FEMA letter.[sociallinkz]

I usually try to stay out of the news, since all it does is hype things up, and makes many survivalists look like “tin-foil” hat wearers.  I am not going to do what other alternative media is doing with this, and spin it for emotion or fear.

It was brought to my attention that FEMA has recently made an attempt at buying long life food.  It seems that they wanted a quick turn-around with the purchase of the food stockpiles.  This begs the question, “Is FEMA preparing for disaster?”

First, I want to take a moment to look back at 2011, when alternative media had a field day with a massive emergency supply buy by FEMA.  People went nuts talking conspiracies of major disaster and even civil unrest.  None of the speculated disasters even happened.  One thing that I remember is that 2011 was a pretty harsh weather year.  There was a lot of damage done by localized natural disasters.  There was also an earthquake in the New Madrid Fault area two months later (March), which was their target area of assistance, but the earthquake wasn’t really as big as the media made it sound.  It makes you wonder if they were tipped off my the organizations that are monitoring seismic activities.  There was also a disastrous flood in the same area in Mid April.

Now, up to date…  FEMA has contacted bulk emergency food suppliers with questions on large procurement of goods, and even a 24 hour turn around.  Below I have a copy of the letter posted.  If you would like to see a larger version, just click on it.

FEMA Buying Long Life Food Stockpiles Preparing for Disaster? FEMA letter.

FEMA Buying Long Life Food Stockpiles Preparing for Disaster? FEMA letter.

Is it strange that they are contacting the distributor directly?  Well, I am currently in an occupation that requires me to contact suppliers, distributers, and manufacturers or equipment, electronics, and goods.  I will have extended conversations with them finding out all of the details of the purchase before I make any.  Then, when we have the details worked out, I will NOT buy directly from them.  I buy through another department.  There is typically a purchase method.  So I don’t think it WAY out of the ordinary to contact a vendor.

When I was in the military, for a while I was the purchasing agent.  People would decide what they would want as a direct purchase from a supplier.  They went through me, and I was the person that would order, only after prior approval from higher ranking personnel.  I was the one that went to get supplies every week, and we always went through a distribution channel to get the items.  This channel was a private organization that was connected with the military via contract.

We still contacted the suppliers directly and asked the needed question, and aquired the necessary information.

Now, do I think it is strange that this work is being done?  No.

Now to cover the time limits of purchases.  This letter can be read two ways.  One, you can think that the agent is asking for a direct shipment now, which I never saw in the letter, or you can look at the letter as an inquisition.  When an emergency occurs, can we count on you to provide the required materials with the required time constraints.

I know many of you want the fear-shock-jock news, but that isn’t me.  I did research, and it seems that this is not as big of an issue as it seemed at first glance.

What am I concerned about?  I am concerned about FEMA having large quantities of the supplies, and being as inefficient and ineffective as ever, and now less supplies are available for the more efficient private and non-profit organizations, that actually have to answer to their donators.  I also want to know what disasters they may foresee coming.  They would get much less backlash from alternative media, if they were just more transparent.

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