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April 15, 2013
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Fun Family Survival, How to be Prepared from NYTimes

Fun Family Survival, How to be Prepared from GrilloServices

Fun Family Survival, How to be Prepared from GrilloServices


It is easy today to get ourselves overwhelmed with everything that everyone else thinks is important, or ideas that we adopt as important for us or our families.  We constantly aquire more “stuff” to make our lives easier, but that stuff requires our attention and maintenance as well.  So what makes our lives easier, also makes our lives more complicated.

So it is no question how people get overwhelmed with how to be prepared, especially when they begin, they think that it is the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI), when in reality, there is more time to smoothly transition your life from one of dependence to one of self-reliance, and then to one of self-sufficiency.  With this in mind, we should include our families in our desire to offer them protection and safety.

People that start prepping want to store as much as possible as soon as possible, so they will go and buy a 5 gallon bucket of rice or beans.  The attitude of the typical guy that preps is, “I am protecting my family, and if that means that they have to eat rice, beans, and beef jerky for months, then so be it!”  And they probably would if required to, but wouldn’t it be nice to think of the “finer things” in life as preps as well?

Fun Family Survival, How to be Prepared from NYTimes

Fun Family Survival, How to be Prepared from NYTimes

We can include our children in the planting of our gardens and pulling of the weeds, teaching them about nature, and patience in the process and teaching them how to care for something other than themselves.  We teach them where food comes from and what work is involved in the production of food.

We could also include them in the daily activities that are associated with livestock.  They can feed the livestock, collect the chickens’ eggs, and help transfer them from field to field (or paddock to paddock).  They can learn how to clean the houses or barns out.  Once again they are learning the value of work and production.  These are things that have been lost with the school system.

My wife is more of an organic food eating, Monsanto hating, natural childbirth activist type, and I am more of a wilderness survivalist, so as we have followed these desires, we have both gotten into prepping.  My survivalist techniques and her love for organic foods, and doing things naturally have both completely overlapped in the field of modern survival, or prepping.  Prepping gives us another thing to talk about that we are both interested in, and that makes us closer, and allows us to align our thinking.

With all of this being said, we are still providing ourselves with some level of security when a life disaster happens, be it just us, or something bigger than us.  We provide ourselves with a hedge against many troubles.  This is in the form of stuff, but more importantly in the form of knowledge and experience.  When all the stuff collected goes away, the knowledgeable and experienced can create what is needed to thrive.

Now onto news… Because this is meant to be a community of us “like minded” people, I have created a forum for everyone to teach and learn from each other.  The Clever Survivalist Forum is a Survivalist Forum designed to do just that.  I hope that we get a large group of people on there willing to share with each other.  I have added boards to get it all started, but it can be changed as we grow the forum.  So head over to the survivalist forum, and get sharing.  It is a great way to contact me as well.  I will try to be active on the survivalist boards to give you guys access to me often.

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