Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists P2

Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists P1
April 12, 2013
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April 16, 2013
Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists from Best Western Website

Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists from Best Western Website

Friday, I wrote a post on hotel survival and my interview with the general manager at a hotel that I was staying at, The Best Western.  I wrote mostly about the typical Stuff Hits the Fan scenario and how hotels have dealt with it.  My Survival Research of Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists results were not surprising.  I am continuing that post with my suggestions for hotels and you prepper types.

Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists from Best Western Website

Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists from Best Western Website

My suggestions for hotels:

  • Keep generators large enough to run the kitchen. This would be a huge asset in a grid down scenario caused by anything, including a bad storm.
  • A few rooms (lobby and dining hall) would be good to have dedicated AC power from the generator.
  • You keep bottled water. Keep more, people need to drink. Before any bad storm, call the rooms and ask them to fill their bathtubs with water and their sinks with ice from the machines.
  • Keep them informed! They need to know what is going on. You have a lot of very specialized skills and trades there at one time (I am an industrial electrician) that can help you with a problem if you need it in a pinch.
  • Have at least one large room that is reinforced as a shelter for storms, maybe a conference room or something.
  • For food, keep a supply of freeze dried food as backup. It can last 15 years and is not much more than what you are buying! It would be a one time bulk purchase, a small storage space, and you are covered as far as food goes. Get enough for at least a week.
  • Provide some form of entertainment. You are all about peoples comfort. Most people are not survivalists and don’t understand what exactly this preparation involves, but if you keep them happily entertained with drinks and games, or some type of family night, you could change the opinion completely. The general thought could be, “Wow, the power was out, and we were stuck at the hotel, but it was fun and they did an awesome job. I’ll definitely stay THERE again.”
Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists from Best Western Website

Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists from Best Western Website

My suggestions for you prepper types:

  • Don’t expect any of the hotels to follow my suggestions. They don’t know who I am, nor do they care. They don’t read my blog, and if they did, Corporate probably would not fund my suggestions.
  • At least ask some of the same questions that I have asked.  The hotel may or may not have been ready here, but at least now they were forced to think about the situation and any possible inadequacies.
  • Bring that Bug Out Bag that you keep in your car and was supposed to bring along to help you survive travel.  You already have it, so keep it with you in your room and your car, wherever you may be.  It has extra provisions that you already thought of, but the hotel probably hasn’t.
  • If you have some notice, fill your bathtub with water and your sink with ice.  Fill the ice bucket in your room as well with ice.
  • The hotels usually provide guests with 6 or so cups, fill them.  The dining hall has lots more cups, get a stack or two, if possible when you know it will be really bad, and fill them as well.  If you can’t tell, water is important to us.
  • Pack your own travel food, since you are going on a longer trip, you should have a weeks worth of food to get you through a localized scenario where everyone is urged to stay indoors.  If you have your BOB with a weeks worth of food and you know what the hotel has, you could make it in the hotel for a week and a half.
  • Have lots of small flashlights.  Those mini-LED flashlights are a dime a dozen.  It will help get around.
  • Bring your own forms of entertainment for the family.  Most of you went on a trip and have travel games already.  If not, it may be a good idea to have some.
  • Bring that 400 watt inverter I keep telling you about, and don’t forget about the use of your car as a generator and cell phone charger.  Solar cell phone chargers are also a good idea.
  • Bring your personal protection.  If all of you actually believe that people will be running the streets, why not panicking in a hotel?
  • Have your maps all the way home, just in case you have to get out of dodge.  Also a great idea to know where some family of friends are nearby, since this could help your chances.
  • This goes against normal travel suggestions, but keep cash.  It actually helped me out a bunch this trip in particular.  I would keep enough for gas on the way home and a few meals out.

I am pretty sure there is a whole new list of stuff to add or do, but let’s keep is short and sweet.  Most of these “what to bring” posts overlap to some degree, which is great news, so we don’t have to travel in a tractor trailer truck to carry all of it!  I hope you guys think about travel and hotels before you actually leave the house next time, and then it was worth it.

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