Survival Tactics: Hunting and Farming at the Correct Times

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April 5, 2013
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April 9, 2013

Survival Tactics: When it is Time To Hunt by Ramond Hitchcock

Survival Tactics: Hunting and Farming at the Correct Times by Randen Pederson

Survival Tactics: Hunting and Farming at the Correct Times by Randen Pederson

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It is critical that we understand how to grow our own groceries and learn how to store them for long term use as well.  What if things go south with the economy and everyone is hungry with starving children.  People will push themselves out of their comfort zone when life is on the line.  It is important to realize the dynamic that will occur with a sudden economic collapse, or SHTF, scenario.

With the country’s population at over 315 Million people, food will be in short supply, or at least WAY overpriced.  This will drive people to obtain weapons to do things, like hunt.  We can name any wildlife that we want, but I will use Deer in my example.

With this many people in the country, we know that people are going to have to resort to hunting.  Although I agree with the need to know how to hunt well, I also understand that people have single handedly almost killed several different species to near extinction just for the cash.  I bet that we wouldn’t hesitate to overkill the deer population when starvation is on the line.  How long do you think it will last?  I cant imagine that the population will be high enough for any real hunting for more than a few years.

Survival Tactics: When it is Time To Hunt by Ramond Hitchcock

Survival Tactics: When it is Time To Hunt by Ramond Hitchcock

When the population dwindles to near death, people are going to have to turn to gardening, farming, and ranching.  It would be to our benefit for us to learn how to do these thing before we need it.  Do it while there still is a grocery store, and a thriving deer population, when the aches and failures of learning are still relatively comfortable.  Small steps can make the difference.

Even if we are critically dependent on the agricultural system, we should try planting a small garden each year.  We should learn how to hunt and some of the main signs for tracking wildlife.  We should learn some wilderness survival skills (which will definately trickle over into modern survival when needed).  We should learn how to care for livestock, by having a couple rabbits, chickens, ducks, etc.  We should learn the hard work required, and the basic knowledge that goes with gardening and farming, so if we ever have to scale up our production, we already have basic knowledge that will allow us success when it matters most.

Too many people are completely dependent on a completely unsustainable agricultural system based on fossil fuels, and when it matters, these systems will, due mostly to greed, inflate the costs for purchase or may even die off.

Look at Cuba’s collapse and subsequent recovery.  It was based on mainly sustainable permaculture based agriculture.  Reason for this was the expense and unsustainability of the country to do things like we are doing them.  They actually had an advantage with how people live in the same home with their entire family for most of their lives.  We have people in apartments and condos and in single family homes on 1/4 acre lots.

Survival Tactics: When it is Time To Farm by Bob Jagendorf

All I really want to get at today is that we are not ready for anything disasterous to happen.  The systems are not there.  But a few of us will be able to thrive if anything happened because of simple steps taken to improve knowledge and skill when times were good.

Please take the time to learn basic gardening and farming in a sustainable system, and learn how to store up your productions.  It could save you when hunting is no longer sustainable, assuming it ever was.

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