Advantages & Dis-advantages of Martial Arts for Survival

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April 4, 2013
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Advantages & Dis-advantages of Martial Arts for Survival

Advantages & Dis-advantages of Martial Arts for Survival

With the knowledge that violence is a real thing and that it can definitely be a reality if the Economy went south, I think a couple things will ensure our tactical advantage.  None of them are large explosives, although I think that they are cool.  We should first learn how to use our firearm and non deadly self-defense weapons, then we should consider the possibility of losing our weapons, and be able to defend ourselves with our bare hands, which is typical of martial arts.

Martial arts survival techniques

Martial arts survival techniques

Advantages of Martial Arts:

You learn self discipline.  Many problems in life are made because undisciplined people are making snap decisions with no forethought or understanding.  People completely over their heads in debt, really upside down with mortgage, in a marriage they are unhappy with, or living in an area that they hate is usually (not always) because they made an undisciplined decision.  People that are disciplined can usually place strategic actions in place for good, despite their personal feelings on the subject.

You learn some situational awareness.  If thought well, martial arts can enhance someone’s ability to see situations being formed or formulated before it happens because their training goes over some situations constantly.  You can learn the skills necessary, if adapted, that will make you aware of a lot.

You learn when to leave!  That would be always, unless you can’t…  It is important that people learn to run away as soon as it is safe to do so.  If you fight, you fight to get the chance to safely run.

Lastly, you learn how to punch and kick really hard.  You should not resort to punching and kicking someone because you think you can.  You will get yourself killed.  You only punch and kick or roll when necessary.

Disadvantages of Martial Arts:

My biggest issue with Martial Arts is the fact that it is an ART and is performed within a set of rules.  When actually in danger, you should not be so engrained with rules that you fail to win on the street.  Many high profile martial artists have gotten their butts kicked in the street because they cant separate themselves from the tournament and rules.  Some, have gotten killed.

Some people will not listen to the instructors and will think that they can beat anyone, which will get them in trouble like my mention above.

The situational awareness that you learn is limited, so you must train yourself the critical forethought prior to entering any situation.

The ART form should be treated as such.  No one can say that theirs is best.  They all have specific circumstances that make them better than others.  The most important thing to know is how limited martial arts is and then you will understand and correct your shortcomings.

Martial Arts are a great tool to be used with knowledge and understanding to assist in self defense.  Although, don’t bring a fist to a gun fight.

Video: 20130405 Martial Arts Training (No Editing)

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