The Libertarianism Definition: Minarchist View and Liberties

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April 3, 2013
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The Libertarianism Definition: Minarchist View and Liberties by acebal


So with all of the political parties, mainly the Republican and Democrat, constantly up in arms about how everyone else are crooks, and the large addition of young voters today, everyone thinks that they know a thing or two about politics.

It is my opinion that anyone in a major political party, that didn’t have the ability to bring their own money to the table, quickly becomes tied to the system with dues.  This is really another topic altogether.  The few that pay with their own money can salvage some dignity while in office… Like Ron Paul did.

Everyone is spouting off a different word for their political affiliation.  You can hear tons of them talking about being Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Constitutionalist, Anarchist, Minarchist, Libertarian, etc.  And if 100% of voters were knowledgeable about the political system, the monetary system, about 80% (opinion) would realize that the all fall into the category of one of the above mentioned groups.  Not Republican or Democrat; most would hate with passion, these affiliation, if they actually knew.

I am talking about Libertarianism.  Let me give you my lay definition of Libertarianism.  I have the ability to swing my fist up to, but not including, the point that it strikes your face.  I can just swing away, but as long as I don’t hit you, you don’t care.  A better way of saying this: I want full Liberty, which means that I want to have my rights in full and to practice it in full, without persecution, up to the point that it infringes upon someone else’s rights.

Libertarian Protesters by Ted Van Pelt

Libertarian Protesters by Ted Van Pelt

If I want to shoot my gun, I can unless it violates someone else’s rights to not get shot.  If I want to hit some weed (which I personally don’t and don’t feel that others should) I should be able to as long as I do not violate someone else’s rights by doing so.  This is my basic definition of Libertarianism.

Because of this, I would be called a Minarchist (Minimal government).  I wouldn’t even say that I believe in a government as big as a state government.  But the fact of the matter is that we must have a rule of law to some degree to hold people accountable for their violations of others rights.  These governments will not be able to force Taxation on people.  The government would be required to fund itself by services rendered to the citizens.  So this (localized) government will actually work for the people to create the money needed to protect the people.

Most issues would be solved by the privatization of that issue.  In privatization, funds are based on usefulness, and usefulness based on skills, knowledge, and propriety.

I am a survivalist.  I have a survivalist blog called the Clever Survivalist Blog Survival Guide.  Some would call me a “Prepper.”  I had many of the same convictions and beliefs earlier in life as I do now, but never knew what to call myself.  After a while, I got into survival, and teaching others survival techniques.  With Survivalism, you are basically striving for self-reliance and self-sufficiency to ensure success or even comfort during a catastrophe or emergency, like Hurricanes and Tornados, Earthquakes, Loss of a Job, Lost in Wilderness, Foreign Attacks, or Economic Collapse.

In prepping, as I learned more, I could see the issues plaguing our nation, and why those issues were at fault.  I work to keep my ear to the ground and foresee what is coming our way.  With this acquired knowledge and foresight, came more knowledge about Libertarianism.

I know of many survivalists that become Libertarians, and vice versa.  The two go hand in hand.  As we try for self-reliance, we look for less government interference and realize that others should be interfered with less as well.  If I want to be left alone, I should leave others alone as well.  The only line that determines that someone should be stopped is when they infringe on another’s rights.

If I want to build a “bunker,” which I don’t, or if I want own weapons equivalent to the military, or if I want to grow a huge garden and have livestock, I have that right, and no government should tell me otherwise… UNLESS my chickens are constantly destroying my neighbor’s property, because THEN I am infringing on their rights.

Why do I choose this stance?  Because it makes sense.  Live and let live.  Let bygones be bygones.  Most Preppers and Libertarians just want to be left to their own devices and afford others the same opportunities.

There are a few issues with Libertarianism, but it is probably the best concept that has ever existed, in my humble opinion.  It makes the issues pretty easy to decide.  We typically run fiscally conservative and socially liberal.  Cost of this system is bottom dollar and pretty much everyone gets what they want… Life, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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