Storing Food: Lyophilization Preserved Food for Camping

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March 16, 2013
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March 19, 2013

Preparing Freeze Dried Food



Storing Food: Lyophilization Preserved Food for Camping


A couple days ago, we had someone (James Smith from Thriving During Disaster) over showing us a particular brand of freeze-dried food.

He demonstrated the ease of preparation and cooking of it. My head was swimming with ideas while he was discussing the THRIVE product. I have mentioned the freeze-dried (Lyophilization) method of preserving food before in my post about Mason Jar Dinners.  This is a method to be used like the method of copy canning.

Preparing Freeze Dried Food

Preparing Freeze Dried Food

Freeze-dried foods are, in lay terms, flash frozen and have all the moisture removed from the food in that state. He was stating a shelf life of 25 years unopened, and 18 months opened.

I have used some freeze-dried products in the past, and have always enjoyed it. This time did not disappoint me.

A few ideas and points of interest were tossed around as we discussed the THRIVE food and its uses:

  • The claim of no preservatives in the food and very reduced amount of vitamin/mineral loss from all of the foods was a good one.
  • There was no official claim at being organic, however the food, without changing a thing, is currently being reviewed for the organic claim.
  • If I decided to cook with freeze-dried food, I could easily determine the amount used, eat a healthy serving, and have NO LEFTOVERS to clean out of the fridge in a month or two.
  • I get a lot of foods out of my fridge and into a pantry, so there is more room for beer… and maybe a soda.
  • The food was really good, we ate Shepherds Pie and Brownies made entirely of freeze-dried materials.
  • So, if I eat a typical portion size and never have waste, it seems to reason that I should save money on food while I build up a food store.
  • I also work in an industrial environment. If I decided to bring the food in its dried state, and hydrate it at work, it would keep well in transit or through the day in a lunchbox.
  • In a loss of power, or blackout scenario, it is a good assumption that as long as I have the dried food and water, I could let it soak and have peas, potatoes, ground beef, and cheese without ANY cooking. That’s a pretty cool idea.
  • This would make awesome food for camping.  Very lightweight, for us backpackers.

A Small THRIVE product lineup

The downside:

I am not one to place all my eggs in one basket. I think this is a terrific idea as a self-reliance technique, but not a self sufficiency idea. It is not so much a negative as the idea that this is the cure-all for preppers. We all eat food that we don’t grow, but we don’t think the grocery store will be there for us, so we aren’t fooling ourselves. But, with this product with its awesome shelf life and great taste, if we think that the food that we don’t and can’t grow will be our saving grace during a tough time, we could be wrong. If we are wrong, we could pay for it. I would still grow and store my own food, and would use the TRIVE product as a food, like any other, as a supplementary food while I continue to garden or farm and learn from it. By treating it like grocery store foods (here today, gone tomorrow), then I can actually use this product to get ahead, but I will still have the self-sufficiency that is impossible to get from others.

It also looks like it could get a little expensive if someone lets it, but that is up to that person.

All-in-all, I think that the THRIVE brand product from Shelf-Reliance is a great product and will buy it for my family. In the future I will be trying another brand of freeze-dried product and I will review it as well.
I have several new products that I plan on reviewing, but most will be on video, so look forward to all of that!

Demonstrating Freeze Dried

Demonstrating Freeze Dried

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