Survivor School: Building good snow shelters, Snow Trench

Survivor School: Build a Cave Style Snow Shelter
March 12, 2013
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March 14, 2013

Survivor School: Building good snow shelters, Snow Trench



Yesterday, I told you how to build a Snow Cave, which I feel is a fairly superior shelter, but what to we do if we are in a rush from a fast approaching storm to build a snow shelter.  We want a good shelter, but we don’t have the time it takes for the snow cave.

Then we build a snow trench shelter.  I will go through a very basic description of how to build it.  It is a very easy concept, but I don’t want to assume that the photo will explain everything.

First dig a trench: This will want to be 4-5 feed deep, and longer than your body by a foot.  It is a rectangular hole.  I would recommend being on the downwind side of a slope to make it easier to build.

Dig the sleeping area: Build it just larger than you with a foot of vertical room when you lie in it.  This area needs to be at least a foot higher than the trench, so we can trap cold air in the bottom of the trench, and not where we are sleeping.

Add Spruce or Pine Bedding: I have explained that 90 percent of our body temperature is lost to the ground.  We need something to lie on to insulate us.

Now for the dramatized version of how to build this shelter, care or the Discovery Channel.  If you want to skip to the shelter, go to time 1 minute and 45 seconds.

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