What to Make out of Paracord. Wrap this Para Belt Around You

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March 7, 2013
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March 12, 2013


Do you always hear about making things with knots and cordage?  You wonder what to make out of Paracord?  Wrap your brain around the idea of a PARA BELT.  You can make a belt out of paracord, and in this video blog post, I show you how.  Hope you guys enjoy it.

UPDATE: I just wanted to explain something about the paracord that you purchase.  I was reminded of this while I was writing an email to someone.

Make sure that you are using military grade 7×3 stranded cord (7 strands internal to the cord made of 3 threads each for a total of 21 threads.)  Many commercial cords are 7×2 or 5×3, neither of which are as strong, even if they say 550 or not.  Get 550 paracord or higher, as this is the weight it is tested to.  The kind of paracord you want is like this here: 550 LB Paracord or this 750 LB Paracord.

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