Earthquake Building Design: A Product that I Have Found

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March 4, 2013
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March 7, 2013
LifeGuard earthquake-proof desk

LifeGuard earthquake-proof desk

LifeGuard earthquake-proof desk

LifeGuard earthquake-proof desk

If you have ever wondered about earthquake building design, maybe we should look into smaller items… Like, maybe, a desk?  Look what I found!

I found a manufacturer out of Seattle, WA that sells desks and such that are designed, tested, and rated to withstand a building falling on it.  I don’t make a habit of pushing products, but I think that this is a really cool idea.  These Earthquake Desks are expensive, and I hope that the price comes down once some sells are made.  I will attach a video from their website.

I hope the guys well, because they are making a product designed to protect life.  Thanks Lifeguard Structures!

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