Defense Tactics: Self Defend with Hidden Less Lethal Weapons

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Defense Tactics: Self Defend with Hidden Less Lethal Weapons

Did you know that according to the in 2011 in the United States there were over 1,203,564 violent crimes.  These crimes include:

  • 83,046 forcible rapes
  • 353,848 robberies
  • 751,024 aggravated assaults

And with these ridiculous numbers, It was down about 15.5% from 2007.  This are just the numbers that were reported, and there are ALOT that aren’t.


FBI Violent Crimes Statistics

So what do we do?  I believe in carrying firearms, but there are people that would hesitate to use them.  Some believe that confiscation of firearms on the street is highly possible in a bug out scenario.  So good secondary protection is needed.  So what are some things that we can carry that will be considered non-lethal or acceptable to rid us of our hesitation and are less likely to be taken from law-enforcement?  In my list, I will not get too involved with the odd or extremely specialized gear.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray usually has a tear gas solution and pepper solution that will cause the person to tear up and have breathing trouble.  These attack the central nervous system and is typically not lethal.  Don’t spray it into the wind!  I think the gel version is better because it sticks where it lands.  I know the myth of wasp spray, but I have also heard the debunking of the myth.  The can is huge and we don’t have proof that it works, so best to stay away from this unless it is proven.

Mace Spray (where legal)

This is very similar to pepper spray.  The components are typically a little stronger, and it has a UV tracer mixed in with it, so it is easier to identify the person if ever apprehended by the police.

Stun Batons

You can find these at around 6 Million Volts!  It will feel like getting punched all over your entire body in one instant or like getting hit by a truck.  Benefit is that it does little damage because it has limited current (which is what kills)

Mag Lights

Have a really big, heavy, metal flashlight like the maglight.  Many people in security and law enforcement love this light because it is a very powerful and useful club.  Getting hit by this thing is similar to getting hit with a short aluminum bat.

Sling Shots

You will have to practice with this.  It can be done 50-100 feet from the perpetrator.  You can use a close by rock or, even better, steel balls.  You can easily knock someone out if your aim is good.

Ninja Caltrops

If you have to run from the attacker, you can just spread these all over the ground behind you.  They will puncture tires and go through the soles of shoes.  It will not pop the tire, so don’t think it is a good idea to rely on this for a car chase.  It is best used as ground cover during a foot chase.

Specialized Types of Protective Gear

Small Tactical Flashlights: I love my streamlight.  If you get the tactical version, it has sharp ends on the front and back of the light that is made to cause damage when you hit someone.  It is a great tool for breaking bones with a direct hit.

Personal Alarms: This is more a deterrent than weapon.  It is a good first step to hit this alarm.  People may hear and help or not, but the attacker may run as soon as he knows of the alarm.  Also, I think some companies have remote connection to the alarm (like a home defense system) and can send the police.

Although I have listed a bunch of weapons here, be sure to use your mind.  We have the ability to train ourselves before something happens, so take some self-defense classes.  Train with your lethal and non-lethal weapons.  If you are hesitant to use, or are incompetent with them, you cannot properly defend yourself.

Can you think of any good defense weapons?


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