To Protect Oneself: Protecting Your Home against Burglary

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February 22, 2013
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To Protect Oneself: Protecting Your Home against Burglary

To Protect Oneself: Protecting Your Home against Burglary

To Protect Oneself: Protecting Your Home against Burglary

To Protect Oneself: Protecting Your Home against Burglary

As much as I dislike the idea, as the economy continues to falter, more and more people will be struggling to feed themselves and their families.

Clear your mind and think about what you would be willing to do if your children were starving, and you had no way to feed them. Would you fight, cheat, steal, hurt, or kill?

There are other things that some may do, because they are happening in other countries in that state right now, but I not explore those ideas.

The point is the fact you and most people could be willing to do many of the above things when your helpless little children are starving. So it stands to reason that many people would be willing to do those things to you and me.
This is a very real concept. In an extreme scenario, where it is survival of the fittest, violence is a high possibility. We need to understand that the violence in these scenarios is asocial behavior, and it will come from people that may or may not be acting rationally. It could happen anywhere.

One place it could happen, and I think it will happen more frequently, in the home. I’m talking about people breaking into your house to steal, and in the high stress moment, even if they didn’t have it in mind, could harm or kill you and your family. Since this is already happening, we have many avenues of protection against break-ins.
First, we can get a good home monitoring system. One that will at a minimum deter criminal behavior and contact the authorities when it senses a break-in.

Second, get a good Dog that will protect the home. Much fewer people will enter a house with a large barking dog in it.
Next, get some home defense weaponry. Obviously, get a gun. If you don’t know which ones to choose you could check my first guns list for some ideas. Shotguns are awesome. Couple that with the dog, and you got a pretty good defense plan. While the dog is keeping the burglar occupied, you have the gun.

All of this doesn’t do a lot of good if you aren’t willing to protect yourself, so it is important to have non-lethal weapons like Tasers or pepper spray, if you don’t think you will be able to use a firearm.

Shield yourself from violent attack.

Whatever defense you use, you must be willing to deploy it. Mental and physical training is a must. Many times it will help you to keep your head clear in a scenario that would seem abnormal, but you have trained for this.

Strategic placement of weapons is a good idea too. People don’t break in only when you are in the bedroom or kitchen. You may be in the living room or bathroom. It is best to have items placed where you can get to them.
Baseball bats and such are also great tools in a crunch.

I don’t train because I want violent action, I train to ensure I am ready if someone decides to break into my home, or tries to harm my family. It is a defensive position, not offensive. I will tell anyone right now, don’t come breaking into my place, unless you want lead dental work.

Violence is a real problem in times of high stress and high need. We need to be aware of this, and understand how to prepare for and defend against it.

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