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February 11, 2013
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February 13, 2013

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Everyone talks about “bugging-out”, and almost every time, they talk about their bug out bags (BOB).  All of the knowledgeable people in the survival field tell you about everything to place in a bug out bag, but I only know of a few people who will actually tell you about what I am going to discuss today.  I am going to discuss what to place in your “BUG OUT VEHICLE” or BOV.

If you are bugging out, you can only carry so much stuff on your back.  Your vehicle can carry MUCH more than you can.  There are many things that would be helpful that you cannot carry in your bug out bag.

I assume your bug out bag is in your BOV, so I will typically not add things that should already be in your BOB unless you can’t typically carry enough of it.


Keep 2-3 Liter bottles of water per person in the vehicle, not to go below 4 liters.  Just like the emergency stash, I think your BOV water should be in 2 liter soda bottles.  Multiple uses, beyond drinking.  This is priority number 1.


Keep 3 days worth of food, beyond your BOB, per person, per vehicle.  We have 3 people and one of them will breastfeed a baby, so we count her as 2.  This means we should keep 12 days food in each vehicle.  It is actually a pretty good idea to keep a can opener for the potential to keep soup cans and such in your vehicle, however get the can with the finger tab, if possible.  That in itself is built-in redundancy.

Vehicle Items:

Spare fuses,

Proper belts and hoses, hose clamps, all of these should be the proper sizes for your vehicle.

Duct tape is a great fix-all.  Too many uses to list.

Radiator, Transmission, and Tire Sealants for leaks in a real bad scenario.


Jumper Cables

Small cigarette lighter air compressor that you can use to air tires up and a tire plug kit.

Tool Kit: These are just as important as the parts.  Keep full wrench / socket set, hammer.

Kitty Litter for traction.  If in the north, salt and sand is really good.

Tow Straps

Fuel Reserve: Keep can below safety fill line, and vent often.  Keep about 1/4 the amount that is in your tank.  Don’t forget to rotate it.
I am not going to tell you to get a winch, but it isn’t a bad idea if you want it.


GPS and Maps with 3 routes of travel to 3 different locations and have 3 rally points on each route, All the phone and address information for anyone that is important (this includes a lot of your banks and stuff).  Compass is in your BOB.


Lanterns, flashlights, and road flares in addition to bug out bag.

Camp Shovels

An extra set of summer and winter clothing and a jacket for each person.  These can be cheap Good-Will jackets.

A decent pair of hiking boots/shoes that you can change into in case you are wearing loafers or high-heels (have fun hiking in those!)

Blankets.  Wool blankets and/or space blankets and sheets.

CB radios.  I would get handheld CBs, no matter if you have a vehicle CB.  If you have the license, you should teach everyone in the home to use a HAM radio, and use those instead.

Cheap 400 to 700 Watt Power Inverter for use in many different scenarios. (I actually tell you in my inverters post, of the many ways to use inverters.

I keep a 2-man hiking tent in my car


I would not place guns in your vehicle, unless you are with it.  Guns get stolen.  Then people get shot… Then you are the suspect.  Keep the guns with you, instead of the vehicle, but keep them handy.  If you must keep a gun in the vehicle, make sure that it is a cheap one and that you check daily for it so you can report it stolen, if that happens.  Also keep it in a gun safe in the vehicle.

Pepper spray and / or taser gun. it is always better to deal with a situation, the non-lethal way if necessary but be willing to use your gun if needed.

I don’t have all of this stuff in my vehicle, but I have much of it and am consistently working on more.  Edit this list to suit your lifestyle, because a successful bug-out is the one that keeps you alive and comfortable.  It would be great if some of you guys would go ahead and email me any questions you may have, which will help me come up with different subjects.  I want this blog to be informative for you, not just for me.

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