Planting Companion Vegetables and Herbs
January 30, 2013
How to Get Plants to Grow (Raised square garden design)
February 1, 2013


I wanted to interrupt the roll I was having on gardening with square foot gardens and companion planting with a recent occurence.  Last night we had a bad line of storms come through our area.  Every channel was showing detailed radar about the tornadoes and such that were hitting the viewing area.  The time frames that the meteorologists gave us were completely inaccurate.

So, you ready for me to tell you what happened to us and our house?  NOTHING.  We got some rain, lots of thunder and lightning, and high straight-line winds, but no damage occurred to our house.  It was a non-event that basically kept me up late.

Why would I open a post like this?  We are supposed to be survivalists.  We want something to prepare us for the worst that could happen.

#1. The most likely thing to happen is nothing, but there is always the possibility of something.

#2. The main reason for this post:  We were still ready for something.  Survival isn’t all about the stuff that you can stockpile.  It is more of a mindset shift.  This storm gives me a decent example.

My wife called me at work and told me that she had already packed a storm bag for each of our children.  We already had a wilderness survival bag that I use as a storm bag, because it has more than what I recommended in my post about them.

The big deal is that my wife was PROACTIVE in getting essential equipment and gear ready to grab and run into the storm shelter with.  She could have done like many others do, and just freak out when the storm hits.  But it was a relatively calm night amidst the storm in our house.  We were ready for escape; we had a weather alert radio, had the updated wind and rain dopplers on the local news, and had cellphone alert apps as well.  We were well-informed.  It helps that I have advanced storm spotter training so I know how to read the radars and can see certain signs in the sky… which the latter doesn’t help much at night.

Sure we lost sleep, because even if you aren’t really worried, you should watch the weather and be informed.

We also had our more permanent stock piles for extended incident periods.

Let’s make sure that we are taking the time to think critically and be aware of our scenarios.  Some times we have no warning, and other times we have plenty.  We need to react properly and wise in both situations.

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