Making a Garden Plot: How to Make Soil Nutrient Rich

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January 25, 2013
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January 29, 2013


Rich Soil

I will show you how to make soil rich so you will succeed in gardening, even if it is your first garden.  Step one in organic farming should be preparing your soil.

The typical method of soil preparation is actually destroying the soil.  It is destroying the natural layers of dirt.  These layers are developed in nature because they are best used by all of the plants that run roots in these layers.  If you go into the forest where there is little traffic, under 14 inches of leaves, you will find the blackest, most organic, richest dirt ever.

We will try to mimic the processes that generate this dirt.  Usually you would want to do this near the beginning of the winter.  I don’t suggest compost or maneur for this.  I definately don’t suggest tilling all of this up to break up the dirt.

Well, what do I suggest, which I do so loosely, is to use newspapers or cardboard.  I suggest you lay a layer of newspaper or cardboard of about 2-3 inches on the ground.  Then place about 4 inches of mulch on top of that. (You may also add a little compost if desired.)  Every day until planting, you water the area.  As the cardboard or newspaper decomposes, it will assist in generating the topsoil layer that is much better that what you will buy at the store.

If you continue to do this, you should NEVER till your ground again, because we are trying to design an easier garden with better soil.  Never walk on your soil so you don’t pack it in.  Don’t try to make the newspaper/cardboard layer thinner, because it will not decompose properly, and will end up as a barrier that causes rain to drain to the side.  Roots will easily be able to grow down through it as long as you started the process soon enough, but weeds cannot grow up through it.

Once your soil is ready, you are ready to start building your beds.  Next post should be on the square foot garden method to building your plan beds. Looks like I may be making a series of this particular information.

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