How to Begin in Emergency Survival
January 10, 2013
72 hour Emergency Kit or Bug-Out Bag for Adults
January 12, 2013

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In my last post, How to begin in Emergency Survival, I mentioned preparing your Bug-Out bag.  I will be making a post at a later date explaining more on how to make your Bug-Out Bag.  It is important that our other families are prepared for every scenario, not just you & I.  So what do we do?  We run drills.  They don’t have to be completely serious, they can be fun.
We recently told our children a scenario.  We told them that we had a tornado that caused our power to go out and we needed to leave for 3 days.  I told them that they had a few minutes to prepare a “Bug-Out Bag” and let them grab whatever they thought was the most important, and THIS is what they grabbed:

Little Girl's Bug Out Bag
Daughter’s Bug Out Bag:
– Pajama Pants
– White T-Shirt
– Chick Fil-A Cow
– 2 Headband
– Princess Bedtime Book
– 3 My Little Ponies
– Pom Poms
– 8 Dress up dresses
– Cardigan
– A Random Toy
– Baby Hair Brush
– Mirror
– Toy Truck
– Hair Clip
Son’s Bug Out Bag:
– Marshmallow Bow & Mallow
– Plastic Armored Glove
– Mooing Cow Flashlight
– Navy Build-A-Bear
– Frisbee
– 2 Styrofoam Plates
– 4 Toy Cars
– Pirates of the Carribean Action Figure
– 6 Nerf Bullets
– Ink Pen
– AAA Battery
– Wooden Letter J
– Construction paper with Music Notes written on it
Now, while the majority of the items that they grabbed seemed useless, we discussed with them the usefulness of each item.  What it did was teach us that almost everything can have a function, even though we would never choose the items in a legitimate scenario.
Reviewing the items will teach the children how to pack a proper Bug-Out Bag through trial and error.  At the same time, we had LOTS or laughs.  It also trains all of us a critical wilderness and urban survival skill, the ability to see the usefulness of “non-useful” items.  Using garbage and random items in a survival scenario, has been the difference between life or death for many wilderness survivors.  By going through these scenarios, we are training ourselves to succeed even without a Bug-Out Bag.
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