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January 9, 2013
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January 11, 2013


Emergency Kit

Emergency survival can be an overwhelming task.  If/When you figure out that emergency situations are completely possible and you are not ready for them, you don’t really know where to start.  When we become survival-minded, we begin to hoard large quantities of beans, rice and canned goods.  This is ok, but should not be considered a good plan for survival.  It will be just enough to make us feel more comfortable than we should with our situation.  Everyone wants to suddenly start preparing for Armageddon.  When the Volcano erupts, or a huge meteor hits us, or we have a nuclear holocaust is what they want to prep for.  I don’t believe the “Doomsday Prepper” hype.

What we need to do is think critically analytically about what is the most likely scenario.  If you live in tornado alley, what is more likely, a tornado or a nuclear winter?  Obviously a tornado.  If you live on the coast, a hurricane is more likely than a sudden full collapse of the world’s economy.

All the “emergency survival scenarios” are possible and warrant some though, but what we should do is take care of the more likely scenarios first.  If you live in a city or town larger than 30,000 people, home invasion is a likely scenario… so we get ready for that as well.  With all this in mind, I will lay out a basic plan for survival “preps” to limit the anxiety of preparing.

Let’s think in terms of needs first.  What are our needs?
7.Self Defense
Self-Defense will initially go away, because it is not a large concern during the smaller local/regional emergency scenarios.

Now, we will think in terms of length of time.  Many local scenarios will require 3 or so days, or 72 hours.  We should be prepared for that.  We should be prepared to stay in the home, or to leave if required for this length of time.  Then something could happen on a larger scale, or you may live in the country, and this time could be extended to a week or two.  You could lose your job, or there could be quarantine due to flu or other sickness pandemic.  They could tell everyone to stay home for a month.  As the scenario gets larger scale (and more unlikely) it will require a larger degree of each need for a longer period of time.  It will require that we are more organized.

Now we thought of some basic needs, and basic times we will be required to fulfill those needs.  This list of needs is not all-inclusive.  I am just trying to get you to think critically, so you can tailor the plan to your situation.  Don’t come complaining to me because I didn’t think of everything for you.  I want to help, but am only a man, with an opinion.  I am not the one-stop-shop of your every prepping needs.  I welcome suggestions and additions to ANY of my posts.  Let’s just be reasonable and show basic common sense.  Let’s not sue McDonalds for giving us hot coffee.

So, how do I know that I am missing something in my preparations?  Do a drill.  You need to know what you consume and use in one of these situations, so you could go without electricity, water, heat, or even shelter for a reduced (24-48 hours) period of time with the intention of learning your shortcoming and pit falls.  What do you need to prep for the most?

After this is done, and based on your prepping analysis, you prepare for 72 hours of full blackout.  This is electricity, water, etc.  The whole enchilada.  And we aren’t talking just rice and beans for everyone for every meal.  Times will be stressful enough, no point stressing the wife and children with just rice and beans.  We are also talking about 3 meals a day per person, not one.

Next, you prepare for 72 hours on the move… or 72 hours not at home.  This is where a lot of people end up with a 72 hour “bug-out bag.”
Then you prepare for 1 week at home.
Then 1 week away.
Then 2 at home.
Then 2 away.
1 month at home.
1 month away.

We consider all of the needs on the list for each time scenario.  By starting smaller, we can complete the goals in a timely manner.  We insure that we are ready for the most likely scenarios instead of being completely overwhelmed and throwing darts with our eyes closed.  And by being prepared for the previous step, we are at least half-way towards our next goal!  By the time we are completed with our 1 month prep and food storages, we are much more relaxed about the curveballs that are thrown at us in life, including emergency situations.  If we have a job loss, we KNOW that we can feed our family for a month.  We are much more prepared than 95% of others.  At this time we can up our preparation stores to whatever we want.  Eventually we can move ourselves into self-sufficiency, but you don’t get there in a night.  Be prepared in the mean time.

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