10 Best Hikes Near Chicago
May 24, 2018
Gen hiking at St Mary's Glacier, Idaho Springs, CO
Hiking to Saint Mary’s Glacier in Idaho Springs, Colorado
May 27, 2018
Hiking Red Rocks, Morrison Colorado, Achieving Adventure

Red Rocks

Morrison CO and Denver CO


We landed in Denver, Colorado and weren’t ready to go to our rental, so we hit Red Rocks, where we did a portion of the trail and saw the amphitheater.

The first thing Gen and I noticed was that the entire area was lush and green, except Red Rocks.  It was like a bright red desert in the middle of a mountain forest.

Most of the trail was nice and wide.  There was some minor scrambling, but mostly easy path, although there were some climbs that will tire you out.

We hiked this area in August, so it was HOT!  There was no shade, so that made it even worse.  Bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

I thought for a place to hang out near the city, this was a perfect place to visit.  In many areas, you felt like you were way from town, when we were really just a few miles away.

I would imagine that it is pet friendly, since I didn’t see any signs stating otherwise.

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Awesome Stuff:

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Not-So-Awesome Stuff:

  • Super Hot in Summer
  • No Shade

Red Rocks, Morrison, Colorado

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Red Rocks, Morrison, Colorado 39.665443, -105.207647


Ken is addicted to fitness and mountain biking. He is such a thrill seeker, people are starting to be concerned!He enjoys MTBing, Hiking, Climbing, Geocaching, Orienteering, Weight Lifting, and Wilderness Survival.

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