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How to Save Water Using Water Collecting Barrels, Water Purification, and Other Useful Sources of Water

[sociallinkz] When I discussed water resources in my post about surviving storms, I basically said to have a few bottles of water in a bag, and […]

Purify Water Solutions: Pet & Pete (Polyethlene Terephtalate) Bottles

[sociallinkz] If you remember me talking about water storage a while back, I said that 2-Liter soda bottles were the container of choice.  I will use […]

Edible Salt Water Plants for Ocean & Raft Survival

    It is upon request that I am posting about the possibility of saltwater aquaponics.  It is fully possible, in theory to have a salt […]

How to Grow Celery Indoors on Window Sill in Water & Planter

  [sociallinkz] Here is an addition to the apartment prepping that I have done.  I want to show you how I am growing celery indoors, on […]

Collecting Rainwater, Use Rain Water, Gray Water Reclamation

Today I want to show a very simple diagram of a system designed for collecting rainwater, then to use the rain water for a sink.  There […]

Water Reclamation & Conservation: How to Irrigate & Preserve

[sociallinkz] This post is mainly about greywater.  So why did I title it “Water Conservation?”  Because we need to understand that having greywater means that we have […]

Gas Hot Water Heater, Troubleshooting, Repair, Light the Pilot Gas

[sociallinkz] You will have to wait another day for me to continue on the ammunition posts.  I had plans to tell you about sectional densities and […]

Importance of & How to Store Water, Low Cost Survival Checklist P2

[sociallinkz] Yesterday, I discussed the importance of building a skillset and gave some early thoughts of the first couple things you need to do even before […]

Basic Sanitary Systems, Water Consumption, General Physical Health: Low Cost Survival Checklist P7

[sociallinkz] Today, in part 7 of the “Low Cost Survival Checklist”, which is a community requested post, I discuss basic sanitary and health systems that need […]